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the Key to the Homosexual Stalemate

Christians (and others interested in the truth of the matter) are steadily losing the 'gay' agenda battle because Westerners (Christians included) have lost the capacity to enforce reasoned argument. The easily and publicly available evidence on homosexuality is universally on the side of a Biblical view of sexuality. There is no good reason why Christians are losing this battle.

Homosexual behavior has been the "forbidden topic", and "conservatives" have rarely had the courage or the grace to challenge that absurdity. So the "other side" has had an open field to portray themselves as the reasonable, rational, compassionate ones.  The battle has been lost by conservative incapacity to hold either the intellectual, moral, or compassionate high ground on the homosexuality debate.

The two defining issues are:

1. Does God approve?

2. Is the homosexual lifestyle a healthy way to live?

Emmaus Ministries is promoting discussion with those who support homosexuality as normal and acceptable on the following terms:

If the evidence should show that God approves of homosexual behavior, and that the homosexual lifestyle is a safe and healthy way to live, then we will stand publicly and firmly with the homosexual advocates.

But if the evidence should show that God does not approve, or that the homosexual lifestyle is not a safe and healthy way to live, would they be willing to reconsider their position?

The question is: How does one profitably pursue the evidence? The landscape is littered with disappointments -- because Westerners, famous for science and due process in civil law, in fact rarely know how to structure honest debate.

How does one distinguish propaganda from legitimate discussion-debate-dialogue? Primarily by whether both sides to a discussion are really interested in the truth of the matters at hand. Are they willing to let the evidence speak for itself?

And one tells that by whether -- if they were wrong, they would be interested in knowing that they were wrong. We generally just want to win, we do not want to find out if we are wrong.

That is intellectually and morally and spiritually indefensible.

It is seldom clear that either side to the current discussions are willing to put their whole case (as did Elijah on Mount Carmel - I Kings 18) to such an open and candid, up-or-down test. But, if we are not willing to find out that we are wrong, then we will never really know whether we are right.  And we will never be able to convince a skeptical public that we have intellectual integrity.

People appreciate and respect an honest contest.

On the homosexual issues, we allow ourselves to get sidetracked onto every rabbit trail in the woods, ending up with no rational conclusion, no truth in our hands, and full of discouragement.

The following points are the only way to bring clarity to the sexuality issues.  All else is rabbit trails.

These are the mind-changing issues:

1. (Addressed to those promoting homosexuality...) Homosexuality, whatever else it may be, is at least a behavior. What behavior, precisely, are we being asked to approve? We do not want to buy a pig in a poke. Tell us of the specific behaviors, and the approximate percentage of homosexual persons who engage in these behaviors.

2. Some say that homosexuality is a genuine inborn identity, others say that it is a choice, still others that it is a compulsive, lethal addiction? What does the evidence say?

3. What are the medical, psychological, and sociological consequences of homosexual behavior, and of defending such behavior?

4. Given the answers to #1-3 above: Would a loving person (God or anyone else) be in favor of the homosexual lifestyle or reject it?

5. Given the answer to #4: What should the public do (vote, campaign, teach our children, make public policy) about this situation?

If we proceed from #1, and do not go onto the next until there is reasonably clarity on the first, then we will begin to see the light -- even amidst all the shouting and foot-stomping from the losing side.  It will soon be clear to honest observers where truth lies. The homosexual agenda will not survive a public discussion of its behavior and consequences.

Until we break the ice with a candid and graceful discussion of homosexual behavior, we will continue circling down rabbit trails.  Once we break that ice, it will become quite apparent why a loving God would say "no" to such behavior, and that homosexuality is indeed a compulsive, lethal addiction.

But it will take brave souls to get the facts on the table.  There is a huge mission field -- homosexual persons waiting to hear that Christians really and intelligently care about them.

All of these questions are raised and answered in "Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?", detailed information concerning which can be found at


along with information on "The Biblical Agenda for Human Sexuality", a seminar for churches and others on how to handle these issues with -- truth wedded to compassion, and with reason wedded to revelation.

A summary of the evidence (relating to question #3 above) (either *.htm or *.pdf file format) can be found at http://theRoadtoEmmaus.org/RdLb/22SxSo/BroSx/00BroSex.htm

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