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Presenting the Evidence

Homosexual behavior has been the "forbidden" topic, resulting in landslide victories for a compulsive, lethal addiction.  If an honest discussion of homosexual behavior is forced upon the American public, the homosexual agenda will not last long.

This chart outlines one way of bringing the subject onto the table when there is a presentation or discussion going on the issue.  The chart is based on the Behavior: the Key to the Homosexuality Debate strategy.  See also, Earle Fox's meeting with Frank Wade, and Earle Fox presents counter-testimony at the consecration of Gene Robinson.



Whatever else homosexuality might be, it is at least a behavior.  You are asking the Church to approve of homosexuality.  What, precisely, is this behavior?  So that we are not buying a pig in a poke, please explain the specific behaviors in which homosexual persons engage, and the percentage of homosexual persons which engage in that behavior.  

(Try to get the person to name at least a few of the behaviors.  Do not try to get the whole list.  3 or so will do -- along with the percentages of homosexual persons who engage in them.  Pursue with:)



(If the behaviors have not gotten on the table, read from the "Summary of Evidence" sheet.  Click here for two page *.pdf "Summary". )

Here is information from one writer....,

Does this appear accurate to you? 

(Insist on a response and specifics where he disagrees.  Keep insisting on clarity and specifics.) 

If this is not accurate, which of these on the list do you think homosexual persons do not engage in?  And can you provide documentation?

(Keep him talking about the behavior as long as possible.)

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(If the behaviors have gotten on the table, then ask:)

If this is an accurate description of typical homosexual behavior, what are the documented health consequences? 

If no adequate answer given, give info on lifespan:

(Read info from "Summary")

Were you aware that the lifespan was so shortened? 

If this is a fair description of behavior typical of the homosexual lifestyle, please explain to us what part of this clearly self-destructive behavior is "natural", or "mainstream America". 

(Let him wrestle with that.)



In view of such facts concerning homosexual behavior, please explain why you would want the Church to bless relationships in which such behavior is practiced, and also why such behavior should be protected by law.  

Would a loving God (or a loving Church) respond with approval of such behavior?  or rather with an offer to help such persons get control of their behavior so as not to be self-destructive -- as we commonly do with drug and alcohol addicts? 

And if not the latter, why not? 


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