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Homosexual Behaviors
If you do not want to read about offensive behaviors, please close this page...

The behaviors described below are typical in the homosexual lifestyle.  It is imperative that we learn what these behaviors are, and how to present them gracefully and truthfully.  For the rational and strategy behind that, go to Strategy.  For general information on the evidence concerning homosexuality, go to Evidence.  For further written material, go to Win.  Click here for Homosexuality Library

The following typical examples of behavior meant to promote sexual pleasure are taken from one of the largest (850 pp.) studies on this subject, The Gay Report (1979), by two homosexual researchers, Karla Jay and Allen Young.  This is only a small part of the total list. 

The great majority of homosexual behaviors involve intimate contact with human waste, only one of many factors guaranteeing a high disease rate.  There is nothing gay about being or promoting homosexual behavior.  If the public understood homosexual behavior and its health consequences, there would be no doubt in the mind of the public as to why God says "No!"  Any reasonable and loving person would. 

Oral sex - the insertion of the penis into the mouth of one's partner;

Anal sex - the insertion of the penis into the anus of one's partner;

Rimming - touching the anus of one's partner with one's tongue and inserting the tongue into the anus;

Fisting - inserting one's fist and arm into the rectum of the partner;

Golden showers - urinating on each other;

Scat - the eating of feces; 

Mud rolling - rolling on the floor where feces have been deposited.

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