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Researcher Warns Red Cross:
"Don’t Pollute the Blood Supply"

[COMMENT:  Paul Cameron is sometimes controversial, but in my book he is right on the money.  Cameron, be it noted, is not against accepting blood from homosexual persons, but only from anyone who has had homosexual sex.  Not the same thing.  The issue is behavior, not inclination.  Inclination does not make one's blood polluted, only engaging in the inclination.    E. Fox]

From: Paul Cameron
To: bobeva@vaxxine.com
Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2006 4:35 PM
Subject: Red Cross wants gay blood
Paul Cameron


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       

Contact: Dr. Paul Cameron


cell 303.886.1947


Colorado Springs, CO, May 8: Dr. Paul Cameron -- Chairman of Family Research Institute, a Colorado-based think tank -- warned the American Red Cross that the organization’s plan to allow homosexuals to donate blood will cost lives.  On March 9, the Red Cross, the American Association of Blood Banks and America’s Blood Centers jointly petitioned the Food and Drug Administration for permission to allow homosexuals to donate blood, a practice that has been forbidden for decades.


“No one knows what new disease is coming our way via gay sex,” said Dr. Paul Cameron.  “Rectal sex is an almost perfect way to transmit blood-borne germs. In addition to HIV, you can get Chagas, malaria, syphilis, West Nile and even salmonella from donated blood.  No test is 100% accurate, and what we don’t know often kills us.  HIV was once brand new; so was hepatitis C.  Foreign travel and sex with foreign nationals is more frequent among gays, assuring that their blood will never be safe.”


Cameron, who successfully campaigned in the early 1980s to get gay blood barred from blood banks, said, “I don’t know why the Red Cross and other nonprofits care more about gay rights than protecting the nation’s health.  Blood banks should do all they can do to assure the safety of their product -- period.  The nation’s blood supply is not the place to promote social causes.”


“This is a redo. In 1976, the blood banks knew that hepatitis B was more prevalent among gays. But rather than discriminate by barring them from being donors, the nonprofit blood banks set us up for AIDS – and the deaths of thousands from homosexual-donated blood followed.  That they would risk contamination of the blood bank from new pathogens and the death of additional thousands to promote homosexuality is unconscionable.”


Dr. Cameron recommended that Congress take three actions immediately:


1)      Pass legislation mandating that blood banks exclude any male who has had sex with a male since 1977 and exclude anyone who has engaged in IV drug use or participated in prostitution since that date.

2)       Include in this legislation a provision that blood banks henceforth be subject to product liability like any other business. Blood banks make billions of dollars every year selling our blood. If their source of income were on the line, they might be less inclined to risk the public health in deference to gay rights.

3)      Currently there is no penalty for lying to a blood bank about sex and IV use.  Since lives are at stake, Congress should make this offense a felony.


            “This move on the part of the American Red Cross and allied organizations is the result of pressure by the gay rights movement,” Cameron said.  “The federal government must not permit this dangerous abandonment of sound health policy.” 

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