Homosexual activists
terrorize Boston church

        [COMMENT:  About 15 years ago, a similar event happened at an Exodus conference (helping people out of homosexuality) in Toronto.   As we came out the door of the auditorium, there they were, screaming, blowing whistles at us, etc.   I was new to this stuff then, and stood amazed as many of the Exodus attendees melted into the screaming crowd, engage them in conversation, and began to lower the intensity, down to conversation level. 

        When homosexual persons begin to discover that Christians love them, even if not their behavior, there will be many of them coming to see who we are.  They are waiting to hear that the Church represents that love, but the Church is doing precious little to tell them.

        Let's change that.     E. Fox] 


UNBELIEVABLE: Homosexual activists terrorize Boston church during ex-gay conference while police watch! 

"The same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe -- the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God. We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution."
           - John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address

=== Homosexual activists terrorize Boston church during ex-gay conference while police watch! ===

Demonstrators had no permit, but Boston police stand by and do nothing

Sound truck, coffins placed at church door.  Police allow near-riot outside, but tell people inside they can't leave.

Ignored by Boston media.  (Why aren't we surprised?)

It is utterly and completely unbelievable that this would happen to a church. In the United States of America. During a religious event.

As hundreds of people from across Massachusetts and came to the Tremont Temple Baptist Church to attend a widely acclaimed conference on recovering from homosexuality through a relationship with God, angry and enraged homosexual activists converged outside to intimidate and terrorize them.

The all-day conference, titled "Love Won Out" featured renowned lecturers, many of whom had left the homosexual lifestyle and were married in heterosexual relationships. Major themes included theology and relationships with God, as well as practical information for those struggling with homosexuality or who know people who are in that situation.

At the church entrance, homosexual activists gathered before 8 am and stayed until that evening when the conference ended. They were joined by more activists as the day went on, including many who apparently came from an anti-war rally on the Boston Common.

They did whatever they could to harass and intimidate the attendees, including waving signs, yelling and screaming, and later they even brought a sound truck. Some of the activists went up to a few of the individual attendees and took close up photos at them, taunting them personally.

The homosexual demonstrators also set up two coffins right in front of the church with pro-homosexual epithets written on them.

Even though they had no demonstration permit, police stood aside and let the activists conduct their anti-religious terrorism. Rather than intervene when it escalated to a near-riot, the police barricaded the church and told people inside they could not go out.


Yes, this unbelievable. But unless you're willing to stand up and do something, get used to it.

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