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Homosexual Role-Playing to get at your child...

[COMMENT:  The sense of outrage below over homosexual persons targeting your children is a bit less than overwhelming.  I hope that you will react so that you do something about it.  You, the American (and German, et al) public are betraying your children because you (yes there are exceptions, but not so's you'd notice) have not got the smarts or the gumption to stand up and say, "No! Not with my child, you don't!" and make it stick. 

If you are not outraged by the item below, then you need to get on your knees and ask God to change your heart and mind.  See Item #2 below, "We're Here, We're Queer...."    E. Fox]

"Vice is a monster of so frightful mien

As to be hated needs but to be seen.

Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,

We soon endure, then pity, then embrace."

      Pope, Essay on Man, Epistle II, Line 127


Subject: Berlin Schools May Battle Homophobia by Teaching Students Gay Pick-Up Lines

German Sex Ed = Homosexual Role Playing

Berlin Schools May Battle Homophobia by Teaching Students Gay Pick-Up Lines

Field trips to gay pride parades? (Reuters)

They say you can't understand someone until you walk a mile in his shoes. Perhaps with this in mind, Germany's Regional Institute for School and Media has introduced a series of exercises in which students pick up same-sex partners. Pupils 14 years old and up will participate by practicing homosexual wooing techniques -- and in the process, officials hope, break down age-old schoolyard prejudices.

Not everybody in Germany is enamored of this approach. "I think having such topics on how to pick up gay men in role-playing games for youths is completely wrong," FDP Party education spokesman Mieke Senftleben was quoted saying. "We are talking about 14-year-old pupils," she added. (Was she implying that youngsters should wait until they have reached the age of consent, 16 years old in Germany, before participating?)

In the United States, conservative groups such as the Citizens for Community Values are on the record against so-called "homosexuality education" programs. In a 2004 report, the group says such programs are "nothing more than a deceptive ploy designed to preach safety while actually encouraging sexual behaviors." The Cincinnati-based CCV has not commented specifically on this latest German innovation, but it's a safe bet that it would oppose any programs on the gay pickup scene in American schools.

But is it likely this program will be adopted by any schools here? Not without a little tweaking, of course. I suggest that this program be expanded to include straight students as well. After all, adolescents -- especially boys -- of every sexual orientation and proclivity need help picking up a mate. If the program is to be true to its mission of teaching understanding and tolerance, it should ensure that no child is left behind.

By Emil Steiner |  June 28, 2007; 10:35 AM ET  | Category:  OFF/beat Politics


Item 2: 

"We're Queer, We're Here, and
We're Coming After Your Children..."

That bit of prose, part of a much larger piece put out by homosexual advocates probably over a decade ago, was read into the Congressional Journal by some alert person.  That bit of prose was a chant used by homosexual persons in the Washington, DC, "Gay" Pride parade about 1993 or so. 

It was treated, of course, as just exaggeration, or just the ravings of a few lunatic homosexual persons.  It was not just a lunatic fringe, it is the heart and core of the homosexual agenda.  Homosexual advocates and practitioners, a sizeable number of them, those who are controlling the homosexual public agenda, want your children to be available for their pursuits. 

Most of the leadership, of course, knows better than to chant such stuff.  They do not want to arouse the public.  But the stealth strategy is working because Americans, Christians and all, have lost their backbone, have lost their courage, have lost their willingness to stand up and speak the truth, at any cost to themselves. 

The not-so-stealthy strategy has been to capture the minds of our children through the public education system -- which is neither public nor education -- it is mind-control.  It was never, right from its major boost by Horace Mann in Massachusetts in the 1830's.  Government is about control.  Some things we want controlled.   But, unless you are a tyrant at heart, never, never, never education.  Any compromise of a freemarket of ideas is a sign of tyranny in the wings.  It is no longer in the wings.  It is emerging right under the noses of our brainwashed, apathetic, and consumerist population.  The people of America simply do not care about their posterity.  They do not care about their children or grandchildren.  They just want to be comfortable, to keep their two cars and nice houses. 

I mean that term 'brainwashed' as the deliberate and conscious agenda of those behind our government-controlled schools -- largely the socialist/globalist folks who aim to control the world, and are well on their way.  They do not care a fig about homosexual persons, they do care about their own freedom to lust and their own freedom to control. 

Warnings have been sounded by many persons for two decades, but the American population is not interested.  So the American population will pay the price -- the continued gradual enslavement of ourselves on the government plantation, the increasingly out loud and in your face sexual exploitation adults and children alike. 

How else can one explain the continual victory of the homosexual agenda and the almost absolute incapacity of so-called "conservative" leadership to do anything about it?  ...when all the live ammunition (truth and evidence) is on the side of sexual sanity, and the homosexualists have only blank ammunition (no evidence, no truth at all).  How else can one explain the closing in of the homosexual agenda all across the land, in politics and in education? 

If you do not want your children or your grandchildren or your great-grandchildren to be sodomized, to be seduced or coerced into homosexual, or some other equally self-destructive addiction, STAND UP. 

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