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Children of Homosexuals More Apt to Be Homosexual

[COMMENT:  If under 3% of the general population is homosexual (so under 3% normally become homosexual), and homosexual couples have 33% of their children becoming homosexual, homosexual couples have an over representation of homosexual children of eleven times the normal.  Since there is no evidence for a genetic cause of homosexuality, clearly the environment of the homosexual home breeds homosexual children.

Advocates of homosexual adoption say that homosexual homes are just as "normal" as heterosexual homes, and that they do not influence children toward homosexuality.  That is false, and shows again that homosexuality is not inborn, but taught.  You can "catch" it. 

And that means that you can uncatch it.  See Exodus International.      E. Fox]

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co., April 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- A third of homosexuals’ children become homosexual. That’s the major finding from the largest study of adult children of homosexuals. Children of transsexuals were also more apt to become homosexual or transsexual. At least 23 (30%) of 77 adult children of homosexuals were homosexual and 25 (32%) heterosexual. Of 10 adults with transsexual parents, at least one became transsexual and another homosexual.

“Our society has been told by gays and professional associations that children were not more apt to become homosexual if their parents were. We’ve been told that genital mutilations by parents who pretend to be the opposite sex wouldn’t have any effect on their children,” said investigator Paul Cameron. “Too much bogus information about homosexual parents has been sold to the public. Most people think homosexual parents create an environment that stimulates homosexual desires in their children. We expect children to be confused when a father decides to pretend he’s a woman and demand that his family participate in his charade. The American Psychological Association and National Association of Social Workers have told court after court that common sense is wrong. They say foster care and adoption by homosexuals is absolutely harmless -- there is no correlation between children adopting homosexual tastes and the sexual proclivities of their parents. Examination of three published reports by pro-gay investigators shows the falsity of these claims. These professional associations seem more interested in pushing for social acceptance of homosexuality than what’s good for children.”

Almost all other estimates have been based on small samples of children and teens, not adults. At least 12 (55%) of 22 daughters and 3 (21%) of 14 sons of lesbians; 5 (29%) of 17 daughters and 3 (17%) of 18 sons of gays were currently homosexual. At least 25 (32%) were currently heterosexual.

Dr. Cameron is chairman of the Family Research Institute, a Colorado Springs, CO think-tank. The study is published on-line in the Journal of Biosocial Science 2006;38:413-418, sponsored by Cambridge University Press.

Christian Newswire

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