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Gay "adult/youth" group member in Maine reveals homosexual sex with kids as young as 14 at meetings!
THIS IS WHY we need the Parents Rights Bill here!

[COMMENT:  The story speaks for itself.  What are you, dear reader, doing about it.  We have been warning about this horrendous nonsense for well over a decade, and the public has yet to do anything serious about it.  We are victims of our own cowardice and studied, deliberate ignorance.  Our leadership does not want to know the facts.  When presented with them, they look the other way.  I mean most of the "conservative" leadership. 

Homosexuality is a compulsive, lethal addiction.  Get over your pathological prudery and get to work. You do not put an addict in charge of raising children or children's clubs.  Not if you care about your children.   E. Fox]

=== 2.  Gay "adult/youth" group member in Maine reveals homosexual sex with kids as young as 14 at meetings! THIS IS WHY we need the Parents Rights Bill here! ===>   http://www.massresistance.org

This is what we've been saying all along. And this is why the homosexual lobby wants to keep parental involvement out of these activities.

A 20-year-old homosexual activist who has worked as a spokesman for "Equality Maine" -- Maine's version of MassEquality -- has written a startling six-page letter to the Maine Bureau of Health outlining a range of illegal and dangerous activities at meetings of "Out...as you want to be", an adult/youth group for so-called "gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning"  youth ages 14-22, but includes older, middle-aged adults. The group is located in Rockland, Maine, and meets after classes and also in the evenings in rented space and at private homes.

The writer, XX of Belfast, Maine, describes alcohol consumption, drug use, cigarette smoking, repeated suicide threats, and homosexual sex with boys as young as 14, as well as adults groping and making sexual advances to boys at club events, and one instance where a man showered with a young boy. Adults handed out condoms and [anal] lubricants "like candy" at the meetings. XX himself says that he had a sexual affair with a 14-year-old during club meetings. He added that the boy was able to go to these meetings without parents' knowledge, knowing the parents would not approve.

Public officials and media  slow to act. (Why are we not surprised?)

XX originally delivered the letter to the Maine Bureau of Health in early January. The Bureau told him to go to the Attorney General instead. At that point, XX delivered a copy of the letter to the Christian Civic League of Maine offices. The League's president, Mike Heath, then notified the police in both Augusta and Rockland, as well as the media.

Although the local media reported the story initially, they have refused to do any investigation of follow-up, Mike Heath told us. The police filed a report, and on Jan. 22 a Rockland police official told Mike, "I have assigned this to an officer for a follow up investigation/interview with Mr. XX concerning his allegations." There is no word from the Attorney General's office.

Exclusive interview on MassResistance Radio 

Since receiving the letter, Mike Heath has communicated with XX about this and other incidents. XX admits to harassing Mike's wife Paulie last year by defacing her photo on the Amazon website and posting comments about her, and he has apologized. He also admitted to stealing yard signs during the recent referendum election in Maine on homosexual issues. Mike talked about this in this week's MassResistance radio show.

This is a very serious situation, and our hearts really go out to these children who are being physically and psychologically abused.

If you want an inside look at REALLY goes on in the gay "clubs" that the homosexual movement fights for so much.
http://www.massresistance.org   Peruse the relevant links...

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