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Colon Cancer & Anal Sex

[COMMENT: A primary bit of evidence for an addiction is the inability or unwillingness to cease self-destructive behavior even when you are told that such behavior is lethal.

See article on the evidence, health and otherwise.  See also Homosexuality Library, Health section

 Anal "intercourse" is one of the causes of colon cancer.  Is that any surprise?  Yet the this fellow below not only has gotten colon cancer, probably (!) due to his anal sex behavior, and here he is asking a doctor whether it is safe to continue with anal sex after having had a large part of his large intestine removed.  That is suicidal behavior.  This is like a meth addict grubbing in his last miserable days for one last jag, one last hit. 

These horrible behaviors are being taught openly to our school children in Massachusetts (see also) and wherever else homosexual advocates can get away with it.  That is not so surprising -- the condition being addictive.  In one sense, they cannot help it.  But they also do not want to help it. 

The surprise is that parents are not rising up en masse everywhere to put a stop to this insanity.  Americans are addicted also, to their personal apathy and comfort-seeking.  And we are engaged in terribly self-destructive spiritual behavior.

The website is called "Gay Health", but that is a misnomer.  It is "Gay Betrayal" of homosexual persons by those who say they are helping them.  Almost the whole of the medical community is a part of this betrayal.  They will not force an honest health discussion into the public realm.  Homosexual persons ought, of all people, to rise up in anger at the medical community for their betrayal, for preventing homosexual persons from receiving honest medical advice and attention.  They, above all, need honest sexuality science, not betrayal. 

The person's question is absurd enough.  If this were cancer from cigarette smoking (a far less lethal behavior), the public would be all over both the person and the doctor.

But read the "doctor's" answer.  If this is not betrayal, what needs to be added to make it so? 

See strategy for turning the tide.    E. Fox]

Colon cancer and anal sex...
Wednesday, June 6th 2007

Question: I recently underwent a subtotal colectomy due to Stage III colon cancer (a complication of long-term ulcerative colitis). I was left with 25cm of colon. My small intestine is now directly connected to my remaining colon.

Once I heal from the surgery, is it safe/possible to have receptive anal sex with my partner?

Answer: If your colon is still present and the line where the connection was made is far enough from your anus then it will probably be ok. If you develop a tight scar at the connection line and it is close to your anus then you could injure yourself with anal sex. I think this is a very important question and you have every right to have it answered, but it should be answered by your surgeon. Please speak to him about your concerns and hopefully he will answer you in a non-homophobic and honest way. That said, you have very little colon left. You might find that going forward your bowel movements are very loose. It may get more solid with time but at least initially that may not be the case. Loose bowels are more likely to leak out during sex and your partner's penis moving in and out can stimulate colon contractions. Put that all together and you could have a messy situation. Time will tell if that is the case. Not eating before sex might help.

by Stephen E. Goldstone, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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