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Defeating, Not Kindling, the Power of Lust

[COMMENT:  The email below was in response to a presentation exposing the horrible homosexual activity at the July 27 “Up Your Alley” sadistic street fair in San Francisco.  Click here to see the original presentation.  This goes to a more or less censored version, but it is not censored in the original, so beware.  Read below first if you plan to see it.   E. Fox]

Hi, A..,
        I wish P..., et al, had done less of more-of-the-same-thing, and concentrated on the effects of the various kinds of homosexual practice.  Just showing the ugly behavior is not very helpful.  It looks like titillating -- which is probably what the Christian who objected was referring to, even if he did not explain it. 

        It is very difficult to watch such behavior and not get troubled by it unless one has been given help in dealing with one's own immaturity and emotional issues.  We end up fighting our own reactions and emotions rather than taking the offensive against the evil.  People seldom know how to handle such emotionally frightening scenes. 
        If our side would list the kinds of behaviors in which homosexual persons engage, and explain how most of them involve some kind of contact with human waste, and the disease consequences, I think there would be a much better reception from Christians abroad.  Yes, we need to force the public discussion of homosexual behavior, but we need to keep it clinical and focused on truth, real love, the health consequences, and the law of God.  No loving God would create or OK such self-destructive behavior.   See attached
        The presentation shows a lot of oral sex, and little else, but never mentions how disease-causing it is (e.g., oral gonorea -- sp?).   And the "talk" going on with the pictures by the narrator seems almost casual.  It needs to be clinical, accurate, to the point, and short.  Otherwise it will not convince many people of its value, and has the danger of jading peoples' sensibilities rather than sharpening their perception.  All of which benefits the opposition, not Godly truth.  We must teach people how to handle their emotions and feelings in the midst of such perversion and temptation, and so to turn the tide of Satan against his own program. 
        We need to teach people how to love these persons, how to respect the bodies of the homosexual persons (even if the homosexual persons themselves do not), made by God, male and female, in His Image.  There is a lot of good and positive teaching which can accompany a presentation of such an event which can help arm the people, neutralize the power of lust, etc. 

        If we teach people how to handle these terrible scenes emotionally and spiritually, the other side will begin losing because we will be on the offensive, not always on the defensive.  If we do not, we will only perpetuate the mess, and scare people from confronting the deeper issues.  On both sides of the fence. 
Resurrection Blessings, Earle Fox

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Date Posted -  08/19/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012