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Episcopal Diocese of CA Complicit
in Perverted "Gay Pride Parade"

[COMMENT:   These "gay pride" parades have been going on for well over a decade.  I reported in detail on the nature of homosexuality in Good & Right in the Eyes of God?   Why is this "news"?  Why has the Church of Jesus Christ stood around oblivious to reality? 

We need much more than a bandaid Proposition 8, we need a repentant Church, and a deep spiritual renewal.  America is dying.      E. Fox]

From: Roger F Rose [mailto:guaiwu@juno.com]

Dear All:

Could this be a clue to understand why over 300 congregations and two
dioceses have left The Episcopal Church since 2003?

Rog R.+

News Analysis
By David W. Virtue                                                 
A three hour public orgy of simulated sex acts, advertised gay bars,
pornography vendors, male prostitution businesses with handouts to parade
spectators that included condoms, sexual lubricant samples, and
literature promoting a pornographic web site, were part of San
Francisco's gay pride parade day that included a flotilla from the
Episcopal Diocese of California and Bishop Marc Andrus.
The Episcopal Community Services, part of Andrus's diocese, solicited
volunteers to work at the Folsom Street sado-masochist fair, VOL was
They were one of the groups that benefited from this blasphemous sex
orgy. The poster was a mockery of the Last Supper. Andrus is chairman of
the board of ECS.
The sick, degenerate parade of homoerotic behavior contained a float
featuring the Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus, Bishop of California in company with
Nigerian sexual predator, Davis Mac-Iyalla former Nigerian head of
Changing Attitude sitting in the back of a car waving to cheering people
on sidewalks.
Andrus's car wasn't far behind the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. VOL
exposed the sexual activities of Mac-Iyalla in Lambeth, revealing his
sexual predatory behavior with two seminarians in the course of a tour,
all the while telling people that he was a victim of the Nigerian
Anglican Church's homophobia. You can read the full story here:
In an article, "City Council Shames Itself Over Pride", Nicholas Owen
wrote in the San Diego News Notes,"The parade included 185 contingents.
Many entries featured scantily clad participants, mostly men, gyrating
suggestively to loud, throbbing music.
Float titles included "In Dmood for Decadence." Simulated sex acts were
performed in several entries, and many advertised gay bars, pornography
vendors, and male prostitution businesses.
A rider in the Rentboy.com convertible flashed the devil sign with his
hand. Numerous trash receptacles bearing the slogan "Got lube?"
(advertising an anal sex lubricant) were placed along the parade route
and in the festival venue inside Balboa Park."
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a drag queen group in outlandish
outfits parodying Catholic women religious, carried an "Asylum of the
Tortured Heart" banner, mocking Catholic devotion to the Sacred Heart of
Jesus. At the Gay Pride festival, they provided crowd control and
received an award for the "most outrageous contingent." A woman, who was
topless except for pasties, walked alongside the parade.
A man, wearing a body thong covering only his genitals, roller-skated by
parade watchers in defiance of municipal code which prohibits nudity on
public lands and defines it as being "devoid of an opaque covering which
covers the genitals, pubic hair, buttocks, perineum, anus or anal region
of any person, or any portion of the breast at or below the areola
thereof of any female person."
A number of churches and synagogues participated in this orgiastic
display including All Saints Parish and Saint John the Beloved Cathedral
of the Catholic Church of America (not affiliated with the true Catholic
Church); Dignity, another group using the Catholic label but not
sanctioned by the Catholic Church; Christ Chapel of North Park; Saint
Paul's Episcopal Cathedral and the Metropolitan Community Church, founded
by a homosexual "leatherman."
Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs with Liberty Counsel and
Associate Dean of the Liberty University School of Law, released the
following statement regarding San Francisco's homosexual "Folsom Street
Fair": "It seems almost too fantastic to believe, but it's true.
This Sunday, criminal activity and sexual perversion will once again fill
San Francisco's public streets, with the shameful blessing of Mayor Gavin
Newsom, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,"
said Barber.
Barber continued, "During the Folsom Street Fair, hundreds, if not
thousands, of fully nude men walk the public streets engaging in oral
sex, sodomy, and some of the most debauched and vile acts of
These outrageous activities happen in broad daylight. Children are
allowed to, and do, attend this event and are witness to this nudity and
public sex.
This is nothing short of child abuse. Where are the police, you ask?
They're ordered to stand by and watch as this criminal activity occurs
right in front of them. In the past, the San Francisco Police Department
hosted a police recruiting booth at the event."
"Those who engage in this perversion - as well as Folsom Street
organizers - are in clear violation of no less than three California
state laws (Sections 311.6, 313 and 314 of the California Code) and
perhaps more.
Each violation is punishable by up to six months in jail. Yet Mayor
Newsom and the San Francisco police willfully and knowingly allow this
lawlessness and vile perversion to take place in public," Barber stated.
"Newsom, Pelosi and other liberal politicians who support the Folsom
Street Fair are the very same politicians who oppose California's
Proposition 8, which, if passed, will abolish court-imposed 'same-sex
marriage' and restore the legitimate definition of marriage as between
one man and one woman.
The radical San Francisco exhibitions at the Folsom Street Fair reflect
the same values responsible for imposing 'same-sex marriage' on the
people of California.
The vast majority of Americans do not want San Francisco's antifamily
agenda to take root in their own communities. For that reason, people
across this great nation should demand that all decency laws be enforced
in California and that violators be prosecuted.
Furthermore, voters in California must vote yes on Proposition 8, and the
rest of America should encourage them to do so. It's not just about
California. It's about saving America as we know it," concluded Barber. 
The following links are provided to VOL readers but you should be warned
that many of them are sexually explicit and disgusting.
The Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus California Episcopal Bishop in a recent Gay
Pride Parade. He is with a known sexual predator Davis Mac-Iyalla
formerly of Nigeria and a leader in Changing Attitude is seen riding in
an open car with Bishop Andrus.
Folsom Fair Photos
NOTE: These are extremely graphic and should not be viewed by children or
young adults. They come courtesy of the Catholic League
California Approves Public Orgy - Folsom Street Fair is Back Again
Think we don't need Proposition 8?
Think Again! www.LC.org

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Date Posted -  10/14/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012