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Ford Makes Historic Move in Support of
Groups Pushing Homosexual Marriage

[COMMENT:  This is from American Family Association (AFA).  Time to stop buying Ford.  Make your choice known to your dealer if you get a chance.  And take copies of the evidence on homosexuality and the strategy for winning the battle for Godly common sense.  (Note: these are *.pdf articles.  If you cannot read *.pdf format click here.  Or go to the *.html articles 1 & 2.)

Ford is clearly run by pro-homosexual, if not practicing homosexual, leadership.  They will not back down until they have to to survive.  And they are already on the financial brink.  Hit them hard, and yes,  with love.

Note also that the AFA is missing the real point by talking about "traditional marriage" rather than the sovereignty of God.  "Traditional marriage" is beside the point.  Lots of traditions are evil.  Being  traditional does not make a form of marriage right.  Only the law of God makes something right.  Without God, we are left to our own devices to decide "what is right for me".  When Christians learn to defend publicly the sovereignty of God (as in "Jesus is Lord...," the Lord will begin to exercise that sovereignty visibly.    E. Fox]

May 11, 2006

Sign the Pledge! Earlier this year, Ford Motor Company sponsored a program showing two lesbians passionately kissing each other. Now the automaker has made an in-your-face move against traditional marriage advocates with the historic step of advertising all their name brands in a homosexual magazine. This followed a request by AFA that Ford withdraw from supporting any homosexual magazine.

In the May issue of the homosexual publication OUT, Ford has advertised all eight of their brand automobiles. This is first time in history that Ford has advertised all their brands in a homosexual publication.

In this issue of OUT, which Ford supported with their advertising, are articles such as Nightlife: Party All the Time. Here is the description OUT gave of that article: "Rockin' and raunchy queer clubs are making a comeback, and we tell you where the three hottest places to play are."

Another article was The Mix: Scary Lady, Porn 2 Go. Here is the OUT description: ...porn stars cook up their favorite meals for your pleasure..."

Under the title The Long and Short of It, we find this description by OUT: Ronni Radner goes inside Runt, a weekly party for bite-size gay guys and the men who love them, and looks at the rise of the vertically challenged queer man.

To view the front cover of OUT, click here. To see the Ford ad supporting OUT, with all their brands, click here. Notice the wording at the bottom of the ad: "Standing strong with America's families..." Since this ad was run in a homosexual publication, evidently Ford considers two homosexuals to be a "family."


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