Graceful Strategy
Reversing the Homosexual Agenda

[COMMENT: This email was sent to  Homo-Fascist Watch, a very vocal anti-homosexuality group in Wisconsin.  E. Fox

Dear WCU,
        I get your email newsletter and note the following from you: 
If you speak against homosexuality based on what the Bible says and share the gospel, you are spreading hatred. 
The writer of the following e-mail wanted us to know that he or she hates us because . . . well, because we spread "hatred." Believe it or not, this is not the first time that we have been accused of being hatemongers based on the fact that someone hates us. It's called throwing a tantrum because everyone else does not pander to your wants, needs, desires, and vision of how things ought to be. But these people are not children. If they get control of our country, their tantrums will be deadly to our families, our liberty, and perhaps someday, our lives.       
         I have been involved in this mess since 1987 in the Episcopal Church, and have watched our so-called conservative leadership give the Church away to persons who have no respect for either love or truth, and whose God is their bellies (good feelings). 

        The conservative side makes two fundamental and opposite errors:   (1) cowardice combined with ignorance, and (2) over-reaction which sees homosexual persons as problems rather than as persons, which does not love the enemy, but treats the enemy as objects to be gotten rid of.    Both errors (sins) deny some central aspect of the Gospel and of Godly strategy.   We are dealing first of all with persons, not issues.  The issues are important only because of the persons and personal relationships involved. 

        In the matter of spreading hate, it is vital that we not only do well, but look like we are doing well.  That is, we must give an honest impression that we love those who are in the homosexual lifestyle -- especially true for those many homosexual persons who wish to come out, and would accept help if they understood that Christians cared for them as persons, regardless of their behavior (which is not only sinful, it is a complusive, lethal addiction). 
        I would urge you to make this point over and over in your emails, etc.    I would also urge you to avoid the word 'sodomite'.  It may, in a sense, be accurate, but is, or certainly feels like (from the receiving end) to be directed at one's personhood.   Our target should be behavior, not persons.  If we do not make that clear, we confuse our own strategy -- for the general public, as well as for homosexual persons themselves. 
        The distinction between who we are and what we do is one of the primary confusions inherent to the homosexual condition.  They want to believe that homosexuality is who they are, not just what they do.  We must make clear that we do not accept nonsense -- but our stance is confused by our labeling them as persons. 
        The word 'sodomy' labels a behavior, and therefore is legitimate.  I hope you will avoid the word 'sodomite' which labels a person rather than a behavior. 
        Attached is a pdf.* file which gives the only strategy I know of for turning the homosexual mess around with reasonable speed.  The longer we wait, the more people are going to be hurt and broken, including especially our children in the sadly corrupted churches and schools.   If we do not do this, we will still be having our "ain't it awful" discussions five years from now.  If we do it, with grace and persistence, we will turn the tide. 
        When supporters of homosexuality learn that every time they get up to speak, they will be required to defend homosexual behavior publicly, there will be far fewer of them getting up.   Our side has been too timid and too prudish to raise the issue, and their side cannot afford to.  So the American public is being persuaded to buy a "pig in a poke", unseen and unexamined.  That is tragic, and it is our own fault. 
        We can rectify this quickly if we will with grace and persistence ask them to explain to us the nature of the behavior we are being asked to approve.  And if they will not, then we can do it for them, objectively and calmly.  See the attached. 
        Behavior is the only issue they cannot talk around.  Let us step up to the plate and force an honest discussion of the matter.  You can find further help at  Scroll down to the "strategy" section. 
        And if you want a book full of details on winning, go to
        You can read my bio at Who is Earle Fox?
        This is a winnable war.  And the people who have the most to win are those caught in a compulsive, lethal addiction.  But that can happen only when we force an honest discussion of the issues.  We can be very frank about behavior, but we must be openly loving toward persons.  Then, when truth wins, everybody wins.  Truth without love is that clanging gong of 1 Cor. 13, and no service to the Lord of truth.  Gracefulness is a fundamental part of Godly strategy.
        Sy Rogers, a powerful leader in the Exodus movement, noted several years ago that the homosexualists are in the ascendancy because God has put them there.  Just as He did with the Assyrians.  He puts the other side in the ascendancy when His own people are not doing their job.  He will keep them there until we get obedient.  That means getting our own sexual lives in order, treating homosexual persons like persons, not problems, and forcing truth to the table.   
Resurrection Blessings, Earle Fox
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