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Hate Crime Coercion
a Totalitarian Mindset

F. Earle Fox

The following was snipped from an email.  It tells the truth about the coercive and totalitarian mindset which runs the homosexual movement. 

The truth is that homosexual activists, aided and abetted by our increasingly evil government, ARE "coming to get us--with "us" being people of traditional Christian faith.
Long before tyrant judge Vaughan Walker "came after" more than 7 million California voters by overturning Prop 8 last week, homosexual activists have had people of faith in their sights.
In 2008, a Christian photographer in New Mexico was found guilty and fined more than $6000 for refusing to take pictures of a lesbian "commitment ceremony."
Later that year, a New Jersey state commission found that the "rights" of a lesbian couple were violated when a church refused to rent its beachfront pavilion to use for their "commitment ceremony."
Homosexual activists themselves admit that "gay rights" trump free exercise of religion. Lesbian activist Georgetown professor Chai Feldblum is on record as saying that the battle between religious freedoms and homosexual so-called "rights" is a "zero sum game" where homosexual interests should triumph over religious freedoms.

These are not indicative of totalitarianism?  If not, what needs to be added to make them so?   Many more such events can be documented.  They have been happening since at least the early 1990's. 

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Date Posted - 09/24/2010   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012