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Heinz ad pushes gay marriage & family,
features homosexuals kissing

[COMMENT:  So, let's no longer buy Heinz products.   They are working hard to make the perverse and self-destructive seem natural.  If you want to know what homosexual behavior really is, to go to "Evidence" and "Strategy"  And then force conversations on homosexual behavior.  We can do that with respect for all persons and for truth wedded to love.

See below, John Haskins' take on the whole pseudo-conservative mess which has led to this disaster.   And then go to Conservative Collapse for more by John and others on the subject.     E. Fox]

June 24, 2008
Dear G....,
I thought you might be interested in seeing the Heinz ad featuring a homosexual family and two homosexuals kissing.
Watch the ad.
The ad features a "homosexual family," referring to one of the men as "Mum."
We suggest you forward this to all your family and friends letting them know of the push for homosexual marriage by Heinz. This ad is currently running in England, but no doubt can be expected in the U.S. soon. It is the kind of ad which we can expect to see in California as they prepare to vote on homosexual marriage. Homosexual marriage is illegal in England.

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COMMENT: Here is John Haskins reacting to the Heinz advertizing.  My own experience with Episcopal conservative leadership backs up precisely what he is saying.  The pseudo-conservatives surrendered the Episcopal Church, the pseudo-liberals did not win it.     E. Fox

One of the greatest shocks of my life was watching Tony Perkins, Jay Sekulow, Gary Bauer, Tom Minnery, Pat Robertson, Alliance Defense Fund, Richard Land and many other "pro-family" leaders and lawyers enable Mitt Romney to impose homosexual "marriage," homosexual adoption, $50 abortion-on-demand, boost government funding for homosexual brainwashing of children and destroy parents' rights.
As a result of that I was forced to rethink the actual impact of the entire 30 years of the "pro-family movement" on politics, law, marriage, family, children, education, and American Christianity.  I could not help but realize that this "movement" was so fundamentally un-Biblical in its language, its values and tactics, that there was no way it could have done anything but what it has done.  It was a perfectly designed, finely tuned surrender machine that soaked up hundreds of millions of dollars and helped to accomplish the exact opposite of its mission.  Because it is elitist, prideful and arrogant and is based on money, prestige and access to power, there was never any possible way it could have done anything except accelerate the destruction of our society.
It only took so long to see it because we had the same values, the same superficial, plastic, pre-packaged, microwaveable "Christianity" that Tony Perkins, Minnery, Sekulow, Bauer, CBN, FRC, ADF, Land and so many others project.  We saw only what we wanted to see,  We let them waste thirty years and hundreds of millions of dollars because we were just as "Stepfordized' as they are.  This Heinz TV commercial is a result of our materialism, our blind "obedience" and loyalty to anyone who claims to be appointed by God to collect our money and make us feel better. 
We made this happen to our children and grandchildren. We are the "salt that has lost its savor."  [And therefore good only to be thrown out and trampled under foot...   Matthew 5:13, and Revelation 3:15 ff.   Unless we hastily repent and get on with the Lord's offensive strategy -- speaking the truth in love, the Sword of the Spirit.     E. Fox]      

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Date Posted -  06/26/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012