Homosexualist Manipulation
of Public Debate

[COMMENT:  The following is a classic example of the deceit and dishonesty by pro-homosexual activists (or really, pan-sexual activists), including the media.  They have no use for truth, only a spoiled-brat interest in getting their way.   Systematic subversion of truth is the first step in the Fall (see Romans 1:18 ff.), and treason against the public welfare.  A free people cannot survive systematic subversion of truth by the government, the media, education, or the Church.

Stephen Bennett is one of the few in standing up in the public arena telling the truth and doing it gracefully.   Which makes him feared by the pan-sexual crowd because their case cannot survive an honest discussion.  This subversion of dialogue and discussion is a story which is becoming increasingly common as more and more persons are standing up.  Not many yet, but more are coming.....

The homosexualist/pansexualist program is like the buried Russian Empire -- held together by coercion and deceit.  One can do that only so long before people catch on and retaliate.   Pray that the retaliation does not get violent.    E. Fox]


From: Robert A Jason
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2003 10:29 AM

CBS' Pro-"Gay" Bias: Marketing Homosexuality to America

Last Wednesday, July 2, Irene, myself and our two children filmed a 45 minute segment for CBS' program "Sunday Morning."  Our lengthy interview dealt with the same-sex marriage issue.

During the interview, Irene and I powerfully shared how I WAS "gay" -- and now how I am no longer homosexual.  We told the interviewer how I lived the "gay" lifestyle for over eleven years, sexually active with over 100 male partners -- many whom are dead today from AIDS.  We told her how I walked away from it all in 1992 -- never to return again -- and how I DO NOT struggle with homosexuality whatsoever.

Now happily married to my wife for over ten years, we clearly told the interviewer how homosexuality is a dangerous, destructive and unnatural lifestyle... how no one is born "gay"... yet a behavior that CAN and should be permanently changed.  We compared the lifestyle to that of drug addiction and alcoholism -- lifestyles that one would be encouraged to seek help to leave -- NEVER encouraged to stay in.

We made it very clear on camera that CBS had us on for one reason:  because I WAS a former homosexual.  We told them how they would NEVER have a former black man.  We said how there is no scientific proof or research whatsoever showing that one is born "gay."  We told the interviewer how I was only one of thousands of men and women who are living proof that homosexuals CAN permanently change... living proof that ANY legislation based upon the presupposition that one is born "gay" and cannot change - is faulty, flawed and simply WRONG.

THAT is why we say no to "gay" marriage.  We told the interviewer "gay" marriage is a counterfeit of the "real thing"...  how two men or two women who are looking to get married are doing nothing more than "playing house" -- trying to conform reality and society to their grand delusion.  We shared how REAL love and REAL tolerance is sharing the TRUTH with these individuals -- not passing laws and legislation allowing them to remain in their unhealthy lifestyle.

We gave the current statistics of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) of the epidemic proportions of homosexuals with HIV/AIDS in America -- as well as how the Supreme Court's decision on the Texas sodomy law was absolutely unconscionable.

The interview aired yesterday (Sunday, July 6th) and was nothing more than a infomercial for "gay" marriage.  Our 45 minute interview -- was cut down to less than 60 seconds.  CBS NEVER mentioned that I was a former homosexual, but said only we were a family who for "RELIGIOUS REASONS" took a stand against "gay" marriage!  I mentioned my Christian testimony ONCE in the beginning of the interview -- and did not bring it up again.  Yet CBS had an axe to grind and tried to make Christians look like "religious bigots" and "homophobes" -- to suit their one sided story.

During the interview, it was clear the interviewer and the producer felt threatened by the answers Irene and I were giving on the issue of same-sex marriage, and realized our interview would do more damage to their pro-"gay" piece -- rather than help it.

If CBS truly cared about being "fair and balanced" as the producer assured me and aired everything we said sharing the truth in love about the homosexual issue, I guarantee you -- MILLIONS of American's minds on the homosexual issue would have changed yesterday morning.

I guess what bothers me the most is how the producer ASSURED Irene and I in front of 6 people in the room that no matter what she edited, she would make sure she left in the piece that I WAS a former homosexual.  Knowing the media, I should have expected it.

CBS had one purpose yesterday:  to make their plea and sell "gay" marriage to America -- and they were not going to let ANYONE stop them from doing so.

Over the past several years, I've learned the power of the media to manipulate America -- yet any opportunity we get to present the truth -- we will continue to do so.  We are going into the lion's den, however, the truth needs to be proclaimed - no matter how filtered it may be.

It just goes to show how deadly and dangerous the truth of the "ex-gay" message on homosexuality is to the pro-"gay" movement.  If people REALLY can change -- their foundation has crumbled -- and they've lost it all.  No basis for "gay" marriage -- no basis for "gay" adoption -- no basis for "gay" special rights -- no basis for promoting and pushing homosexuality in the public schools -- and no basis for ANY laws and legislation protecting their sexual deviancy.

Former homosexual men and women are hated by the "gay" activists because we ARE the ones who live the truth -- the truth they hate and despise so much -- the truth which can set them free.

The secular media will do anything and everything to keep America from hearing the truth, which gives me even more reason to get our message out louder and clearer - that NO ONE is born "gay" -- and homosexuals CAN completely change.

Thanks to all who prayed this weekend -- and please keep us in your  prayers as we go forward.  May the Lord use it for His glory!

Stephen Bennett
Stephen Bennett Ministries
e-mail:  s.bennett@SBMinistries.org 

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