Study Shows America's Sexual Behavior
To Be Highly Lethal

Culture & Cosmos  --  February 8, 2005    Volume 2, Number 27

     The high toll of the sexual revolution on the lives of Americans was
made apparent in a recently published study showing 1.3 percent of all
American deaths to be caused by sexual behavior. The study, from the
current edition of the medical journal Sexually Transmitted Infections,
examined data from 1998 to determine the overall health burden caused by
sexual activity in the US and found that women "bear a disproportionately
high proportion" of the cost that comes with sexual liberation.

     The study, authored by three researchers from the Centers for Disease
Control, examined "adverse health outcomes" that result from sexual
activity including both sexually transmitted diseases, viruses and
infections, infertility and abortions. More men then women died in 1998 as
a result of sexual behavior - 19,634 men compared to 10,148 women. But
almost all of the deaths in men were caused by HIV. "If HIV related
mortality were excluded, more than 80% of sexual behaviour related
mortality would be among . . . women." The study found that 5,914 women
died of non-HIV related sexual behavior; for men the number was number

     While HIV killed 4,234 women, it was cervical cancer that was leading
cause of death for women claiming 4,921 lives. Cervical cancer is caused
primarily by the human papillomavirus (HPV), the most common sexually
transmitted disease. That it causes more deaths than HIV is notable due to
the politically charged nature of HPV. Because condoms do not protect
against HPV, a fact acknowledged by the American Cancer Society,
pro-family organizations have pointed to it as proof that sexual health
can be insured only by abstinence until a monogamous marriage. Planned
Parenthood Federation of America has in the past accused such
organizations of engaging in "an alarmist and misleading public policy and
media campaign."

     Beyond death the report also examines the overall health effects of
sexual behavior. It found that in the course of one year, 7.5 percent of
Americans suffered from almost 20 million incidences of negative health
effects brought on by sexual behavior. Of such cases women suffered a
disproportionate 62 percent including 2.5 million cases of gonorrhea and
2.6 million cases of trichomoniasis.

     The study also calculated the Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY)
cost for illnesses brought on by sexual behavior. DALY is a number that
combines into a single measurement the loss of healthy years of life that
result from an illness with the years of life cut short by premature death
due to an illness. Sexual behavior cost women 1,224,953 disability
adjusted life years while men came in under one million.

     The report did not buffet the bad news with hopeful predictions and
called this a problem not likely to go away soon. "[G]iven the size and
chronicity of HIV, HPV, and other hepatitis virus epidemics, the overall
health burden related to sexual behaviour is unlikely to decline rapidly
in coming years."

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