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San Diego "Gay" Pride
Putting Lipstick on a Pig

[COMMENT:  The letter to the editor below may or may not get printed, but Allyson Smith is a courageous woman who has taken on the homosexual agenda with truth and grace.  May God support and sustain her, and raise up others who will call a spade a spade.    E. Fox]

July 31, 2006
Editor, the San Diego Union-Tribune:
Despite the best efforts of local politicians, media organizations,
churches, schools and businesses to put lipstick on the pig, the San Diego
"gay pride" parade and festival remains an ugly swine. Shame on all who
willingly participated in and supported this perverse event.
Shame on the San Diego City Council, whose members last week voted
unanimously to proclaim last week "gay pride week" despite being told the
truth by Christians about the evil activities scheduled to take place, such
as a sadomasochistic "piercing and flesh hooks" demonstration.
Shame on local politicians, such as Republican mayor Jerry Sanders and
county supervisor Ron Roberts, who once again this year rode in the parade,
despite the fact that the homosexual agenda directly contradicts their
party's platform.
Shame on local law enforcement personnel such as the San Diego, Chula Vista
and Oceanside police departments, Sheriff Bill Kolender, and District
Attorney Bonnie Dumanis for participating in this evil spectacle despite
last year's revelations that convicted child molesters were working for
Shame on local news outlets for propagandizing this event as some desirable
civic activity while failing to report its seamy side: public nudity; the
hawking of XXX hard-core homosexual pornography at the festival; the
pervasive alcohol and crystal methamphetamine addiction that infests the
"gay" community; sales of sadomasochistic accoutrements such as whips,
hog-tie kits, "plowboy slings," and even an "anal ring-toss game";
advertisements for "fisting" and "urination" festish clubs; and anal
lubricant packets and condoms distributed throughout the venue to facilitate
unnatural man-on-man sex and the behavioral transmission of HIV/AIDS.
Shame on local TV stations for beaming into our homes video clips of floats
with nearly-naked men simulating sex acts, where our impressionable sons and
daughters might see them.
Shame on the churches and synagogues that participated in the parade,
preaching a false gospel of acceptance of sodomy -- a sin so serious,
according to the Bible, that it cries out to Heaven for vengeance.
Shame on schools such as SDSU, UCSD and Cal State San Marcos whose "gay
pride" clubs marched in the parade, for celebrating risky same-sex
experimentation that leads to early spiritual and physical death.
Shame on businesses such as Hewlett-Packard, Wells Fargo Bank, Cox
Communications, Sparkletts Water, Viejas Enterprises, and Starbucks Coffee
for catering to sexual deviance and societal destruction in the interests of
political correctness and corporate profits.

Shame on all Pride participants and sympathetic spectators for aiding and
abetting the open parading of sinful lifestyles before all onlookers,
including small, innocent children.
Despite the fascist efforts of sodomites to force their sick behaviors on
society and to convince sane people that their lifestyle is "gay," the
unchangeable truth is that it is ugly, filthy, and deadly. Shame on all who
painted lipstick on the "gay pride" pig.
El Cajon, CA
(619) 249-2574

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