Zero tolerance for traditional marriage:
It's legal now!

[COMMENT:  More destructive than zero tolerance for traditional marriage is zero tolerance for honest discussion.  Without honest public discussion, there can be no resolution of any issue at all.  Truth-seeking is the basis of all free society.  The homosexual agenda is feeling, not truth, oriented.  It is therefore inherently totalitarian. 

Perhaps this mounting disaster will inspire orthodox and traditional people to take the offensive by forcing a discussion of homosexual behavior.   E. Fox]


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Tuesday, October 26, 2004   

Posted: October 26, 2004   1:00 a.m. Eastern   By Linda Harvey


Why should voters support state ballot issues affirming traditional marriage on Nov. 2? Simple. Look at what's already happening in Massachusetts. Activists are using the "legalization" of same-sex marriage in that state to force students to listen to graphic glorification of homosexuality, while stifling any and all objections.

On May 13, Thomas Payzant, superintendent of Boston schools, instructed all staff in a memo that May 17 would be a "historic moment in our Commonwealth" because "two persons of the same gender may apply for a marriage license" and as such, he was announcing a "zero tolerance policy" toward "inappropriate or hateful speech" on the subject. He emphasized "respect for the law and for the differences and choices represented among our school population." The penalty would be termination or, in the case of students, expulsion. He cited the "rule of law, balance of powers, and separation of church and state" as rationale to "help students understand" how this is a step toward a "more just society for all of our citizens."

And there you have it the Boston version of tolerance.

Another layer of this fascist cake was served up on an National Public Radio broadcast on Sept. 13. "All Things Considered" aired a program covering sex education in Massachusetts schools, opening with this: "Now that the state Supreme Court [of Massachusetts] has legalized same-sex marriage, some advocates say teachers have an obligation to talk more in class about gay and lesbian relationships."

How do some teachers apply such a noble "obligation"? After exploring the depression and lack of self-acceptance of one "gay" student, and his delight over the new "law," the NPR reporter talked with eighth-grade sex-ed teacher Deb Allen from Brookline. Allen said she was "less afraid" now to be open about keeping a picture of her lesbian partner on her desk. If someone challenges her, she told NPR she will say, "Give me a break. It's legal now."

The reporter continues: "And, Allen says, teaching about homosexuality is also more important now. She says the debate around gay marriage is prompting kids to ask a lot more questions, like what is gay sex, which Allen answers thoroughly and explicitly with a chart."

An explicit chart on gay sex in eighth grade. Yep, this is why most parents send their kids to school.

Allen told NPR she makes a drawing of various sexual activities for the kids, "like kissing and hugging and different kinds of intercourse." When her students claim that a woman and a woman can't have intercourse, Allen tells them, "Hold it. Of course they can. They can use a sex toy."

The NPR reporter interviewed another teacher who objects to promoting homosexuality in the classroom. The teacher declined to use her real name in the tolerant state of Massachusetts and told NPR, she "feels growing pressure from her school to be ... "politically correct." She'll quit if she has to use books like "Heather Has Two Mommies" or to explain the details of homosexual sex.

Brian Camenker, long-time conservative warrior who fights this nonsense in Massachusetts, was interviewed as well. He told NPR schools are able to get around the various policies about sex education by claiming this is not about homosexual sex, but about "human rights."

This was exactly the approach taken in a case involving a Bedford, Mass., middle school. In July, the state's Department of Education ruled that John Glenn Middle School was acting appropriately when it flew a rainbow flag, symbol of "gay rights," earlier this year as part of a "Respect for Differences Day." The school also held an assembly affirming homosexuality under the guise of preventing "harassment" and "bullying." A complaint by parents whose children attended without their permission was then filed with the state. The DOE claimed the program and the flag weren't about sex, but about "discrimination."

Educators are under heavy pressure to support such duplicitous double-speak about "gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender" issues. Strong-arm tactics by the National Education Association and other professional associations are forcing even reluctant administrators to adopt ways to promote these behaviors. As in Massachusetts, this simply sets the stage for an avalanche of propaganda and suppression of facts if traditional marriage laws are overturned.

If that happens, even more vulnerable kids will experiment and at earlier ages. Facing virtual disregard for freedom of speech and religion, those diminishing numbers of teachers who still understand how homosexuality puts youth at risk need parent and community support to stand against the wave of depravity.

As states like Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon and Utah vote on marriage ballot issues on Nov. 2, hopefully parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles will remember and vote to protect our children.

Linda Harvey is president of Mission America, a pro-family organization which monitors homosexual activism in youth culture.

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