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MassResistance - ** June 28 Email Update **

[COMMENT:  These folks are on the front lines.  Pray for them.  And do not sit on your butt.  Get on your knees, get directions from the Lord.  And act.  Coming to your schools as soon as they can get there....     E. Fox] 

It's gone too far: Get involved! Join the movement to take back our government in Massachusetts!

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In this email update:

1. Any day now: Massachusetts Legislature is about to QUADRUPLE funding for homosexual programs in schools to $2 MILLION (or more) - and create "super" Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth! A first anywhere! Here's how to stop it . . .

2. The dark side of Gay Pride Week in Boston - Part 1. Take a look at the "gay" movement your $2 million is going to.

3. What's REALLY behind the anti-bullying and "tolerance" programs in your childrens' schools? Hear report on latest MassResistance Radio show, now on web.

4. And more stuff . . .


=== 1. Massachusetts Legislature is about to QUADRUPLE funding for homosexual programs in schools to $2 MILLION (or more) - and create "super" Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth! A first anywhere! Here's how to stop it . . . ===

No government, anywhere, in history has attempted to do this.

You'll recall that last year, the Massachusetts Legislature raised the taxpayer funding for homosexual programs for children in the public schools by 70% -- from $250,000 to $425,000 - making Massachusetts the leading state in America for homosexual activism aimed at children by even more.

Well, you ain't seen nothing yet. The Massachusetts Legislature is about to pass a budget raising this to approximately $2,000,000 -- over four times the current amount! You think the Little Black Book, the Gay/Transgender Prom for kids, and the Day of Silence were bad? This will quadruple all that - a nightmare for parents and children.

But there's more. They are about to create a "super" Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth - which would be completely independent the governor or any state agency -- to help oversee the spending that money.

Both of these were neatly slipped into the 2007 budget, as amendments. That budget was passed a few weeks ago (as a giant package) and is being finalized this week by a joint conference committee.

Here are the budget items that quadruple the money for homosexual programs:

Here is the amendment that creates the new Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth:

You'll remember that last month (as the Boston Globe and other media reported) MassResistance persuaded Governor Romney do something about the out-of-control Governor's Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth and the outrageous things they were doing with kids. Romney started to dismantle the Commission, but under pressure from the gay lobby he backed down at the last minute. The homosexual lobby doesn't want to take that risk again. So their allies in the Legislature announced they were going to create a new, more powerful Commission that neither the Governor nor any government agency can touch!

It's unbelievable!! If this is not stopped, you don't even want to try to imagine how bad things will become. And it will not end in Massachusetts, but will be exported around the country by bold gay lobbyists in other states. And here. . . the David Parker incident will seem like ancient history.

We can stop this!

Things will be happening fast, so we need to act fast. First, a little technical background that's important to understand. . .

Right now, the conference committee is ironing out differences in the House and Senate version of the 2007 budget. We've been told that the "official" final version will emerge either Friday, or early next week. The leadership, we are told, is making sure that these horrible items are included.

Veto power. After the final version of the budget emerges, the Governor has exactly 10 days to veto any items he chooses. Then, the Legislature usually takes up the votes to override within a week of the governor's veto.

What do we do?

To start with, we learn from our mistakes. Last year Governor Romney vetoed the 70% increase in homosexual funding in response to your calls and emails. But the Legislature overrode his veto with an overwhelming vote. How did that happen? Last year this whole thing took us by surprise, and we didn't act fast enough. A lot of pro-family legislators blindly vote to override things they don't pay attention to. We didn't educate them. We didn't let them know how important this was. We didn't demand anything. We trusted them to do it on their own. And. . . we paid the price.

Here's the report of the veto override from last year.

This year, we believe the Governor will veto these items again (and we will firm that up over the next several days). But this time we'll be ready. With everyone's participation we will stop the override of the governor's veto.

We can stop this but it will take everyone's work !!!

After the Governor's veto, the items first goes back to the House, and if the override passes the House they goes to the Senate. We believe that we have the best chance to stop them in the House.

This is certainly possible. Out of 158 current members of the House, the gay lobby needs to get 106 votes to override a veto (technically, they need 2/3 of the members present). But we only need 53 votes to uphold the veto.

We have identified an analyzed the House membership as follows:

54 members are fairly solidly pro-family and ideally "should" vote with us.
24 members are "maybe" and could be persuaded.
80 members are endorsed by homosexual groups and/or solidly pro-gay.

On paper we can win this. But as we saw last year, it absolutely won't happen by itself. These reps must be fully informed. And you must let them know you're watching. And you're angry about this. And you demand it. Pure and simple. (And remember, this is also an election year.)

No matter where you live, get ready to do some hard-core lobbying. We will supply you everything you need, but you need to do the work. We must not lose this one.

You can bet that the hardcore gay lobby groups, Planned Parenthood, and the usual crowd will be there opposing us. (They can taste that two million dollars.) That's fine. Get ready to take them on. It's OUR children who are at stake.

- In tomorrow's email (hopefully out by noon) we'll have the lists of House members, and some other things for you.

- We'll be publishing email very frequently - maybe every day - until this is resolved. That's how important this is! This truly could have national implications.

- Get prepared to start doing an action item every day again!

Tune in tomorrow. . ..

=== 2. The dark side of Gay Pride Week in Boston - Part 1. Take a look at the "gay" movement your $2 million is going to. ===

"Gay Pride Week" in Boston. June 2-11, 2006. This is the movement that has been spending hundreds of thousands of your money in the public schools to reach your children. And they're about to spend a lot more of it, if you don't put a stop to it.

Supported by major Massachusetts politicians, major corporations (including Macy's Department Store and many others), all kinds of media fanfare.

But behind the slick, professional advertising and PR, Pride Week 2006 was mostly all about sex, profanity, weirdness, unhealthy behavior in public, and some very disturbed people. Wait till you see these pictures.

Caution: Some of this is very gross and disturbing.

=== 3. What's REALLY behind the anti-bullying and "tolerance" programs in your childrens' schools? Hear report on latest MassResistance Radio show, now on web. ===

From this past week's MassResistance Radio Show, heard throughout eastern Massachusetts and beyond (and posted on the web).

More disturbing stuff, unfortunately! Researcher Linda Harvey in a chilling interview about what your kids are really taught when schools give them "anti-bullying" and "tolerance" training. And Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute -- and more!

Click here to get to the link to hear the show.

=== 4. And MORE. . . ===

Please help MassResistance continue to do our job! If we don't win the fights going on in our Legislature over the next several months, our schools and our lives in Massachusetts will be changed forever.

Donate to MassResistance by credit card

Donations can also be mailed to: MassResistance, PO Box 1612, Waltham, MA 02454

Contact us if you want to get involved.


Also, check out the MassResistance blog (for you red-meat activists)!


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