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"Gays" Don't Want Marriage After All...

Matt Barber

[COMMENT:  Big surprise... .  Anyone who has looked seriously at homosexual strategy and the nature of homosexuality itself knew a long time ago that homosexual persons are rarely interested in marriage.  They are interested in their sexual behavior which gives them a bit of relief from the terrible void within their souls of same gender relationships.  And some of them are just plain self-centered, and want only their own pleasure -- at any cost to other people.     E. Fox]

Friday, July 6, 2007

'Gays' don't want 'marriage' after all

Posted: July 6, 2007    1:00 a.m. Eastern    By J. Matt Barber      © 2007 

The homosexual lobby has fine-tuned its rhetoric in recent years. Through the hyperbolic and repetitive use of such concocted expressions as "marriage equality" and "gay rights," the left has dishonestly but effectively framed the debate over homosexual behaviors.

By co-opting and misapplying the language of the genuine civil rights movement, homosexual activists – along with kindred leftists in the media, government and elsewhere – are making considerable strides toward reshaping our culture. They've enjoyed much success in attaining official government recognition of a disordered and empty, though demonstrably mutable, sexual lifestyle.

They yearn for a society created in their own secular humanist image wherein all are compelled to not only accept, but to celebrate high-risk, unnatural and fruitless homosexual behaviors as both normal and equal to natural expressions of human sexuality. Their ideal is a society in which inherent gender distinctions are eliminated and God's express design for human sexuality is replaced by morally relative and surreal notions of sexual androgyny.

Nowhere are the dumbing-down of sexual morality and the blurring of gender lines more evident than in the left's effort to radically redefine marriage. Massachusetts is the only state that currently allows "same-sex marriage." Nine other states permit some form of "civil unions" or "domestic partnerships," which, in truth, are simply "gay marriages" by another name. (Those states are Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maine, California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.)

But despite the feigned and fevered cries of liberals for "marriage equality," it's becoming abundantly clear that the arguments conservatives have been making against "gay marriage" are spot-on. The vast majority of homosexuals don't desire "marriage"; rather, militant homosexual activists desire to use "same-sex marriage" as both a tool to normalize homosexual behaviors and as a weapon to tear down the institution of legitimate marriage.

First of all, the term "marriage equality" is illusory. All men and women in the United States have equal access to marriage. But under the very definition of marriage (one man-one woman) no person has the right to marry more than one person at a time or to marry a minor child, a close relative, an animal or a person of the same sex. Generally speaking, any man can marry any woman. Just because one may choose not to do so, does not mean that he cannot do so. And just because one defines his identity based upon his choice to mimic sexual intercourse with persons of the same sex, it does not preclude him from marrying within equally applied parameters. He has equal access to marriage and by definition enjoys "marriage equality."

But getting married isn't even on the radar screen for the vast majority of homosexuals who choose to engage in a lifestyle largely delineated by short-lived and unstable relationships at best – and more often by casual and promiscuous sexual encounters.

Consider that according to the latest Massachusetts Department of Public Health statistics, there have been only 9,695 total "gay marriages" in Massachusetts since 2004 when then-Gov. Mitt Romney began issuing marriage licenses to homosexuals. Of those 9,000 plus, some 6,121 took place in just over the first six months while the "gay marriage" novelty toy still had its sheen.

In 2005, only 2,060 same-sex couples took the "gay-pride" plunge; and in 2006 only 1,427 tied that queer little knot. By the end of April of this year, a mere 87 "gay" couples had "married" in Massachusetts.

Even more telling – though not particularly surprising – are statistics coming out of Canada where "gay marriage" is now legal nationwide. For instance, in the city of Toronto – which boasts of having one of the world's largest homosexual populations –only one Canadian "gay" couple has "married" so far this year, according to a report by Reuters.

While recently addressing the rapidly downward spiral in homosexual "marriages" in Massachusetts and elsewhere, Tammy Mosher, Massachusetts state director of Concerned Women for America, observed, "The thrill of their 'victory' is gone. It's not about their 'right' to marry and it never has been. It's about condoning their lifestyle and removing the sacredness of traditional marriage."

And Mrs. Mosher is absolutely right. As the numbers on this whacky "gay marriage" social experiment continue to plummet, it's becoming obvious that homosexual activists don't care one iota about "marriage." Their true agenda is not really "marriage equality" and the right to enter into monogamous "marriages," but rather, their intention is to water down traditional marriage so the institution – which is so very important to healthy child rearing and a healthy society – no longer has a unique and respected place in society. Everything marriage stands for (i.e., monogamy, fidelity, the nuclear family and those "oppressive" gender stereotypes associated with the need for a "mom" and a "dad") must be done away with to foster acceptance of sin.

But it goes far beyond simply undermining marriage. To legitimize disordered sexual behaviors, which have traditionally been considered immoral and are scientifically and objectively proven to be destructive, it's necessary to dissolve the notion that traditional marriage and the nuclear family are normative and represent the gold standard. According to some, that's a sexually repressive Judeo-Christian concept, you see. And for secular humanism to properly take root, we need a society that embraces the idea that all forms of sexual behavior – no matter how perverse or destructive – are equally valid.

The good news is Americans are catching on to the disingenuous motives behind the homosexual activist push for "same-sex marriage." A recent survey by the Pew Center indicates that opposition to "same-sex marriage" is currently at 57 percent (up from 51 percent in just March of last year).

As fewer and fewer homosexuals avail themselves of the opportunity to "marry" in those areas where it's allowed, it's likely that the obvious disconnect between the clamor for "marriage equality" and "gay marriages" actually performed will continue to both expose and alert Americans to the illegitimate motives behind this illegitimate concept.

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