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Obama & Homosexuality

F. Earle Fox
         The email below is Obama's own view of the homosexuality issue. 

        The sexuality issues before us strike right at the heart of what a civilized society aims for.  The following quote from Obama regardng homosexuality shows a man who is either willfully ignorant of the matter or does not mind making deliberately misleading statements. 

        Or, maybe he is just a child of our post-modern culture who thinks with his feelings rather than with his intellect, and has been disabled by our diseducation system from thinking straight (no pun intended). 

        By the way, if anyone takes umbrage (sp?) at my negative view of our education system, read my review of "The Leipzig Connection" at http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/21PbAr/Ed/LeipzigConnect-PaoloLionni.html   Or better, read the book itself. 

        I put my comments in the text below.    E. Fox
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By Jamie Citron

CHICAGO, IL -- Senator Barack Obama today released the following statement
commemorating Pride month: "I am proud to join with our lesbian, gay, bisexual
and transgendered brothers and sisters in celebrating the accomplishments, the
lives, and the families of all LGBT people during this Pride season. Too
often, the issue of LGBT rights is exploited by those seeking to divide us. But
at its core, this issue is about who we are as Americans.
        He is right, this is at the core of who we are as Americans.  But in what way? 

"It's time to live up to our founding promise of equality by treating all our
citizens with dignity and respect.
        He is right again.  Everyone should be accorded personal dignity and respect. 
Let's enact federal civil rights legislation
to outlaw hate crimes and protect workers against discrimination based upon
sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.
        Hate crime laws go after what people believe or feel.  That was never meant to be a purpose of our legal system until the homosexual folks got up a head of steam, and have been able to cash in on several decades now of our American history not being taught in schools, how it got founded, and on what principles.   
        When feelings or beliefs are made the target of civil or criminal law, we are all put in danger, depending, of course, on who is currently in power.  What will the "liberals" do when the "conservatives" begin writing the hate-crime laws?  
        T Jefferson made the specific point that the force of law does not extend to beliefs, only to behavior, because the colonials had left a Europe where what you believed could get your head chopped off or yourself burned at the stake.  Depending on who was in power.   Our laws are written to work for all of us, no matter which party is in power.  Only the charlatan, manipulator, and power-hungry can benefit by hate-crime laws. 

         To discredit Christianity, some folks make comments about the Inquisition -- which burned people at the stake for their beliefs.  If things progress in the present direction, I will be subject to arrest for saying the things I am saying here.  It is already happening in America, Canada, Europe, etc.  How are hate-crime laws different from a new Inquisition? 
        Hate crime laws are not meant to protect people, they are meant to shut down honest discussion -- by persons who know that their position would not survive an honest discussion.   If homosexuality is, as the evidence clearly shows for most practitioners, a compulsive, lethal addiction, then they are the people who most of all who need the honest discussion.  They need help which they will never get in our present system.  The American medical and psychological and social work associations have betrayed the America people.  And mostly they have betrayed homosexual persons themselves.  They are supposed to be the watchmen on the towers, warning of enemies.  They have surrendered their towers to the enemy.  They have put the drunk in charge of policing the bar. 

        If the homosexual agenda had a teaspoon of honest science behind it, they they would welcome honest critique of their case.  But they do not allow any such thing.  They invade and disrupt attempts to speak the truth.  When I was working with the Exodus ministries, they would appear on the sidewalks, etc., screaming, blowing whistles, holding blatantly obscene signs, with the police looking on.  They were being whipped up by their totalitarian leaders. 

        Many of them in the ranks were quite different, and many of us on our side would mix with them and be able to have intelligent and helpful communications.  I never left such a conversation without being able to shake hands with the people, and they expressing gratitude that some of us would come out to speak with them with kindness and gracefulness. 
Let's repeal Don't Ask,
Don't Tell and demonstrate that the most effective and professional military in
the world is open to all Americans who are ready and willing to serve our
country. Let's treat the relationships and the families of LGBT Americans with
full equality under the law.
        They already have full equality under the law.  Equality under the law does not give the right to introduce deadly diseases and death-producing behavior into the life blood of society, or to alter by deceit and coercion the very nature of the bedrock of society, marriage and the family. 

"We are ready to accomplish these goals because of the courage and persistence
of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people who are working every day to
achieve equal rights. The gay couple who demand equal treatment in our family
laws as they raise their children;
        The real scientific evidence has been quite clear for decades, that homosexual persons are less emotionally stable, and more likely to be promiscuously and destructively engaged in sexual activities, are unable to maintain long term relationships, etc. all of which profoundly affect the lives of children they attempt to raise.  The very bathhouse behavior which kills them is much more likely to be a part of their home life than in an average heterosexual home. 
the lesbian soldier who wants nothing more
than to serve her country openly and honestly; the transgendered workers who
asks for the simple dignity of being judged by the quality of their work.
         She may indeed want to do that.  The question (among others) is whether the compulsive nature of homosexuality is compatible with the need for strong self-control and self-discipline required in the military, especially in combat. 

Generations of LGBT Americans, at once ordinary and extraordinary, have made
possible this moment in our history. With leadership and hard work, we can
fulfill the promise of equality for all."
        I have offered the following 2-liner to homosexual persons on those front lines mentioned above, and offer it again to Mr. Obama et al

        "You and I are on the opposite sides of this fence.  But if the evidence should show that homosexual behavior is approved by God and that it is a healthy way to live out one's sexuality, then I will stand with you.
        On the other hand, if the evidence should show that God does not approve, or that homosexual behavior is not a healthy way to live out one's sexuality, then would you be willing to reconsider your position?" 

        I also welcome their request for approval of homosexuality.  But to reasonably respond, we would need a careful description of what homosexuality is, both as an orientation and as a list of behaviors.  Sadly, so-called "conservative" leadership has not had the courage to insist on that conversation, and the homosexual advocates have studiously avoided it -- for obvious reasons.   Well, obvious once you examine the list of behaviors.  
        I wrote a 550 page book detailing the homosexual issues with the only strategy which I think can produce honest and helpful fruit, about which you can read at http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/EM/ShpMl/WinSxWrs.htm 

The Obama for America campaign is proud to be actively participating in over 60
local and state wide Pride events over the summer. To find the events nearest
you please visit
www.pride.barackobama.com/pridemonth __._,_.__
        I think the Obama campaign is lacking "somewhat" in intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity.  

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Date Posted -  07/29/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012