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PFOX Brochures
(Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays)

[COMMENT:  PFOX (no reference to my name) sprang out of Transformation Christian Ministries, the Exodus Ministry of which I was director from 1999 for two and a half years in Washington, DC.  It ministers to those persons peripheral to homosexual persons on their way out of homosexuality (as Alanon does to AA).   E. Fox]

Subject: ex-gay brochures for the public

Just in time for Day of Truth!


Download our PFOX ex-gay brochures and print them for distribution to public high schools, universities, libraries, exhibit booths, counselorís offices, diversity centers, and anywhere you see gay literature.  Equal access allows you to distribute ex-gay literature on the same basis that gay groups are permitted.  Inclusion of the ex-gay message is the way to spread the word that change is possible and tolerance for those who have changed is necessary. 


You can also order any of the brochures directly from PFOX.  Brochures cost .25 cents each plus shipping and handling.  For bulk orders of 100 brochures or more, the price is .15 cents each plus postage.  Send PFOX an email at pfox@pfox.org and let us know how many brochures you need.  Brochures can also be downloaded at www.pfox.org under DOWNLOAD.  Take a look at our great brochures, including our teen student brochure:

         PFOX brochure (Press To Download) http://www.pfox.org/downloads/pfox.pdf


         Student brochure (Press To Download)



         Is Change Possible? brochure (Press To Download) http://www.pfox.org/downloads/changeproof.pdf


         EspaŮol Spanish language brochure (Press To  Download) http://www.pfox.org/downloads/spanish.bro.pdf

Also be sure to download and print the below posters, flyers, and bookmarks.  We donít sell them, but you can copy as many as you want to hand out:

         Voices of Ex-Gays (Press To Download)



         Tolerance poster (Press To Download)



         Fun Bookmarks (Press To Download)



         Ex-Gay School Resources handout (Press To Download)



         Graphics (Press To Download)


         School flyer (Press To Download)



         Rainbow Poster (Press To Download)



         Marriage poster (Press To Download)


Also:  Visit the only ex-gay store online at http://www.cafepress.com/pfox    and purchase products to support the ex-gay community!  Celebrate  by purchasing ex-gay tee shirts, posters, mugs, caps, stickers, buttons, stuffed animals, and more!  Help spread the word to your school and community that change is possible and tolerance for those who have changed is what we need today.  Proudly wear your ex-gay tee shirt and spread the word!

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays
Box 561, Fort Belvoir VA 22060
www.pfox.org     pfox@pfox.org


A copy of this announcement is available online at: http://pfox.org/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=156


To be added to this email list, send us your email address with your request.

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