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Take the Pig out of the Poke, Please

[COMMENT:  Below is a response to an email on the homosexuality issues.  It is a good short summary of the issues.     E. Fox]

Brother Xxx, on homosexuality and "gay" unions, etc., please inspect the attachments, one on the evidence concerning homosexuality, another on the only strategy I know of which can turn the tide, and an audio (from the Gregg Jackson talk show) which uses that strategy.  It might help....

'elect "Winston Churchill's" who will establish effective church governments that will prosecute and purge sin from the church camps; so then God will empower us to defeat politically the secular government "Hitler's" in our supreme courts as well as in our other branches of secular state and federal governments.'

And, yes, we must connect the personal Gospel of Jesus Christ with our responsibilities in the public arena. 
When there is a debate going on, the issue MUST be clarified.  Clarity always favors truth, unclarity always favors falsehood.  In this case the issue to be clarified is:  Just what is homosexuality?   Answer:  (1) it is an "orientation", an inner drive toward homosexual engagement;  (2) it is a set of very specific behaviors toward which the "orientation" drives. 
(1) Homosexualists lean on their "orientation" constantly as though it were an "identity", an unchangeable inclination given to them in their genes (or somewhere), like spots on a leopard.  The evidence shows that it is not a substantial identity at all, and that it can indeed change.  The only "evidence" for it is their claim -- which is not evidence, it is precisely the point that needs to be tested with evidence.  So they want us to believe a circular argument.  It has been tested and found to be objectively unsupported.  None of the claims to be born homosexual have survived scientific peer review. 
The evidence shows that the inclination is a compulsive, lethal addiction.  We need to use those words and show why that is so.  (See article on evidence.)
(2) The behaviors, because they are so destructive of health, and so ugly, have been hidden from public public discussion by a very carefully planned program of distraction onto every rabbit trail in the woods (marriage, civil rights, etc., in none of which are they seriously interested except for their PR value -- they keep the issue in the public eye).   Until the public is apprised of the specific homosexual behaviors, the public does not really know what homosexuality is.  And that bit of manipulation of the public debate means that homosexual advocates have control of the discussion, and will, therefore, of course, "win" the debate. 
We can take that control away from them by forcing the behavior discussion.  
They are asking us to approve of homosexuality, so we MUST force the public discussion of their behavior in order to give them an honest answer about our approval -- a very logical and necessary request.  "Please take the pig out of the poke (Scottish for 'bag') so we can decide whether we want to buy it or not."    
If every time a homosexualist got up to promote homosexuality, he knew that he would have to defend their ugly and self-destructive behavior in detail, there would be a lot fewer of them getting up.  Forcing this discussion can be done gracefully and truthfully.  And the public will begin to catch on that they have been systematically lied to. 
The two articles are both legal size pdf format, 2-sided, and are easily distributable.  One of the audios is a full hour or so of debate between myself and Wayne Besen, a homosexualist leader.  The other audio is the last 6 minutes or so where we get into the specific behaviors.  
My formerly Episcopal diocese (San Joaquin, CA) left the Episcopal Church about a year and a half ago.  I would rather have stayed and fought, but could find no conservative Episcopal leadership which would fight.  More interested in being polite than truthful.  We might not have won, but we could have forced them to throw us out.  More honorable, I think, than running away. 

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Date Posted -  08/20/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012