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Date: 97-08-30 08:59:51 EDT

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Please forward this to the loop. Note: Project 10 was recommended in the teacher's 1994 edition of the Holt Health book using in middle and high schools.

Gay/Lesbian Themes Proposed For County Schools
Observation, News and Opinion
by Philip Graf, Coast Writers Syndicate

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"What about transvestites? I didn't see anything about cross-dressing..."

This sad, plaintive question was asked at the showing of the pro-gay, pro-lesbian film, "It's Elementary," shown at SRJC's Newman Auditorium Sat. evening, Feb 1. The 1-hr., 17-min. film was sponsored by Project 10, which calls itself "A comprehensive program to increase awareness of the concerns and needs of lesbian, gay & bisexual students." Or the young and curious, according to Project 10 literature...

The purpose of the Saturday night screening was to convince educators to bring this film, along with the Project 10 agenda, to Sonoma County schools; and to generate support from the mostly partisan crowd of over 250 supporters who had crowded in to see it. The extent of Project 10's agenda includes such items as "(having a) designated gay/lesbian-sensitive adult on each campus;" "sensitization" and "awareness training;" and a "backup system" so that "incidents" are "reported and acted upon quickly."

Supporters say the film will help break down stereotypes and prejudice. They say it is important to get these issues to young children, "before they have a chance to be prejudiced by their parents and churches." The musical theme from the movie stressed this, with words to the effect that children didn't belong to their parents, but to the future - as defined, apparently, by the gay/lesbian (transvestite?) agenda...

The film showed teachers, administrators and very young students in classrooms which have introduced awareness programs relative to aberrant sexual orientation. Class topics, such as how badly people feel when they are stereotyped, or called names, were emphasized. The potential evils of teaching children that their parents and friends might be homophobes, right-wing conservatives, racist heterosexuals, or Christian extremists was not discussed...

Critics in attendance questioned whether such a film, and such programs, are appropriate for young, impressionable children. These critics believe that teaching respect for others is reasonable; but that indoctrination of this sort is too extreme - that the proposed agenda will have a negative effect on children whose minds are too young to question powerful authority figures such as teachers; or to defend against the persuasions of clever adults with questionable agendas.

Bob Norton, Project 10 co-founder, was asked how they intended to notify parents if the film was scheduled. He stated, "...we don't notify parents. We leave that to the schools." The ACLU is also showing the film, he added. Asked his response to those people who maintain that the parents in a family should ideally be a man and a woman - that the presence of male and female role models is important to children - Norton replied, "A family can be any combination of people. It is love that makes a family."

"Then you see no difference between a heterosexual man & woman; two gay men; or two lesbian women?" Norton was asked, and he replied, "No. It's all the same. A family is a family."

The film and sponsors' comments made it clear that Project 10 has learned well the lesson that to control the future, you must first control the minds of children. Historians can point to how, in only a few generations, the Socialist Democratic Party was able to turn German children away from parents and churches. Could that happen here? Few think so. Yet history shows that when a society's norms and moral codes are broken down, that break-down is most often followed by periods of repression and tyranny. Certainly, the movie scenes showing the indoctrinated participation of children in Gay/Lesbian Pride Day - including wearing pink triangles and singing "This Little Light Of Mine - was eerily reminiscent of the early beginnings of the Hitler youth corps - different faces, different symbols, and different music, but the same techniques of indoctrination, socialization, and the breaking down of societal standards and parental bonding were being used.

The sexual minority was certainly the majority at this filming. Loud, derisive laughter greeted scenes of Christian speakers who were filmed decrying A.S.S. ("Aberrant Sexual Syndrome"); and loud roars of approving laughter greeted scenes of young children being shocked as they were guided by teachers to confront the sudden knowledge of well-known people being identified as homosexuals. With all that laughter, it was indeed, a gay evening for those with ASS. But perhaps not, if you were a cross-dressing transvestite or a heterosexual parent with children in school...

Should this film and this agenda be brought to Sonoma County Schools? Your local school principals, district superintendents, and Sonoma Co Superintendent of schools (Tom Crawford: 524-2600) would probably like to hear your opinion; so would your school board, and the editors of your local papers.

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