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Grace & Truth responding to
Homosexual Propaganda & Threat

[COMMENT:  The homosexual program is propaganda in the nasty sense of that word, an attempt to brainwash the people, to win an argument with deceit which they know they cannot win in an open, honest contest of ideas.  The evidence for that is their refusal to discuss publicly their only real objective -- approval of their behavior, and their nasty, hostile responses to those who try to have such a public discussion about their behavior. 

Question:  Can you respond gracefully and truthfully to the article below?   See also Gene Robinson's response to the Dar es Salaam conference in Africa.  If you have a problem doing so, see link at end of article.  E. Fox]


Rabbi arrested at New York demo over gays in the military

Two leading US gay rights activists, one of them a rabbi, were arrested in New York Thursday at a demonstration to express outrage over a top US general's comments that homosexuality was immoral.

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum and National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce chief Matt Foreman were detained after sitting down in the road to block traffic passing a military recruiting station in the bustling Times Square intersection.

The ad hoc group of around 50 demonstrators were protesting comments made by the US military's top officer, General Peter Pace, who said in an interview published Tuesday that homosexual acts were immoral.

Shouting "Pace is immoral, gays are fabulous" and "military bigots have got to go," protesters, some wearing t-shirts saying "Queer Guerilla" and waving placards calling for Pace to quit, wrapped themselves in a giant rainbow flag.

Former New Jersey governor and gay activist Jim McGreevey condemned the US military's official policy on gays in the military, known as "don't ask, don't tell," saying it treated homosexuals as second class citizens.

"The whole 'don't ask, don't tell' policy is wrong in so many ways. It asks people not to be honest and open about their sexuality," he said.

"Homophobia is the last accepted prejudice in America. We battled racism and sexism and yet homophobia is unfortunately still tolerated... we need to change that," he told reporters.

"I think the joint chiefs of staff need to understand that being gay is part of who and what we are," he added.

Another protester, Ann Northrop, said the gay community was furious about Pace's comments.

"We will not stand by while we're being insulted by the leaders of our country or anyone else," she said.

To find out how to respond to these kinds of assertions,
see articles on evidence, and on strategy.

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