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[COMMENT:  Not for the timid and apathetic Christians who sit in most pews on a Sunday.  Stand up and be counted -- especially if you live in San Diego County -- to which I just recently moved. 

See below for email addresses to make your protest.   E. Fox]

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July 28, 2005
Take Action Now!
Against The Death Chambers Of San Diego's
Gay Bathhouses!
(JHR) Most psychologists define insanity as making the same bad decisions over and over again and expecting different results.  Insanity is only one of the many terms that can be used to define what is going on inside of San Diego's three gay bathhouses.  The three bathhouses in question are Club San Diego, located at 3955 Fourth Ave. in Hillcrest, 2200 Club at 2200 University Ave. in North Park, and Vulcan Steam & Sauna at 805 W. Cedar St. in Downtown San Diego.  Organized crime, biological terrorism through the intentional spread of AIDS, male prostitution, pornography, and extreme illegal drug trade are some of the other terms that might be used to describe the dark activities at these three crumbling palaces of destruction.
      Perhaps, more problematic, is the refusal of law enforcement, San Diego's District Attorney, San Diego's City Attorney, or Councilwoman Toni Atkins whose district contains the  bathhouses, to enforce that laws regulating these illegal businesses.  Vulcan Steam & Sauna is located directly across the street from Monarch Elementary School and immediately across the street from the County Administration Building.  Club San Diego is located less than 1,000 feet from Florence Elementary School in direct violation of city ordinances.  2200 Club is located next door to an apartment building in direct violation of city codes. 
      In all three instances, Councilwoman Atkins has refused to take action to protect the citizens of her district from these illegal enterprises.   District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has taken no action against the bathhouses, even though the violations have been occurring since she took office in 2002.   Both Atkins and Dumanis are practicing lesbians and have demonstrated a complete unwillingness to investigate businesses located within the gay community.  Even more troubling is the fact that Councilwoman Atkins was the beneficiary of numerous campaign donations in her Year 2000 campaign for the City Council from F Street porn store employees.  F Street Corp. is the owner of the property leasing 2200 University to its current tenant, Bob Smith.
     The police department refuses to charge the bathhouse owners for their violating city codes.  The James Hartline Report has filed numerous complaints with San Diego Vice on the bathhouse violations and each time Vice's response has been that the bathhouse violations do not fall under their jurisdiction.  In this week's edition of the Gay and Lesbian Times (www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=5432), it was reported that San Diego police officers were called to Club San Diego to respond to an apparent drug overdose.  The patient was found conscious and breathing, but rushed to Mercy Hospital.  The police department mysteriously did not file a report on the incident.
     Nicole Murray Ramirez, the transvestite porn-promoter, who writes a weekly column for the Gay and Lesbian Times is promoting an illegal nude male contest in this week's edition (www.gaylesbiantimes.com/?id=5456).  The Mr. Nude San Diego Contest is the featured event on August 4, 2005 at the bathhouse 2200 Club.  San Diego Municipal code requires all nude entertainers to obtain a special police permit, thus the male nude competition at the bathhouse is illegal.  Even more immoral, is the fact that Ramirez is the Chairman of the Gay and Lesbian Advisory Board to San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne.  The idea that Mr. Lansdowne is allowing a person to "advise" him, while he is promoting an illegal nude contest is as degrading as it gets for America's Finest City.
     It would appear that the City Attorney Mike Aguirre is refusing to take action against the illegal activities going on at 2200 Club.  In February, Aguirre issued a letter to 2200 Club ordering them to cease and desist from all sexual activities or he would take legal action against them.  Not only did they not stop the illegal sex activities, as defined in an article in the Union Tribune by investigative reporter Kristen Green (www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20050224/news_7m24spa.html), but 2200 Club has increased such illegal activities by hosting nude contests.  The City Attorney's office has taken no action against the illegal activities going on in 2200 Club.
The Taxpayer's Great Burden.
     In 2004, San Diego County saw an increase of over 400 new AIDS cases, costing the taxpayers approximately $20 million in increased publicly funded medical costs.  The three bathhouses in San Diego continue to allow an evil breeding ground for new disease transmission, illicit drug use and unsafe sexual practices.  While the city of San Diego continues to issue a new monthly health emergency due to the HIV and Hepatitus epidemics, thus allowing the distribution of hypodermic needles to drug addicts, law enforcement continues to plague the taxpayers by refusing to enforce the laws regulating the bathhouses.
Take Action!
Tell San Diego City Officials and Law Enforcement to STOP! the illegal activities going on in the illegal bathhouses of San Diego.  Tell the police to stop the illegal Mr. Nude San Diego Contest from occuring at 2200 Club.  Tell the City Council, City Attorney and District Attorney to shut down the illegal operations of the three bathhouses.
San Diego Police Department:                                             
Vice Department (619) 531-2452
Administration Vice (619) 531-2250
San Diego District Attorney:
(619) 531-4040
San Diego City Attorney:
San Diego City Council
toniatkins@sandiego.gov (Deputy Mayor)  619-236-6633
ScottPeters@sandiego.gov (Councilman, Dist. 1)  619-236-6611
CouncilDistrict2@sandiego.gov Councilman, Dist. 2)  619-236-6622
anthonyyoung@sandiego.gov (Councilman, Dist. 4)  619-236-6644
bmaienschein@sandiego.gov (Councilman, Dist. 5)  619-236-6655
donnafrye@sandiego.gov (Councilwoman, Dist. 6)  619-236-6616
jmadaffer@sandiego.gov (Councilman, District 7)  619-236-6677
CouncilDistrict8@sandiego.gov (Councilman, Dist. 8)  619-236-6688
Please Contact These Other Council Staff:
Rgeisler@sandiego.gov                mbaudoin@sandiego.gov
wshim@sandiego.gov                  michaelcoleman@sandiego.gov
lfolsom@sandiego.gov                 kkeach@sandiego.gov
dmullen@sandiego.gov                mradnick@sandiego.gov
awexler@sandiego.gov                dzprice@sandiego.gov
mpelaez@sandiego.gov               jslack@sandiego.gov
dcowan@sandiego.gov                jfields@sandiego.gov
vmolina@sandiego.gov                mnyofu@sandiego.gov
dwhite@sandiego.gov                  lwitmondt@sandiego.gov
jrivera@sandiego.gov                  cmillay@sandiego.gov
smithc@sandiego.gov                  knguyen@sandiego.gov
jlittler@sandiego.gov                   brankin@sandiego.gov
shadley@sandiego.gov                 lgonzalez@sandiego.gov
ncapretz@sandiego.gov               jlamb@sandiego.gov
kssmith@sandiego.gov                 kcorry@sandiego.gov
afaucett@sandiego.gov                 eagey@sandiego.gov
jbradford@sandiego.gov               dcoffer@sandiego.gov
dgiaquinto@sandiego.gov              elowe@sandiego.gov
lwebb@sandiego.gov                    jwilson@sandiego.gov
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