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Letter to Gov. Schwarzenegger
on Homosexuality

[COMMENT:  The Governor did veto some of the legislation, but not all.  Is he playing politics?  Trying to please everyone?  Or does he have a sincere and consistent policy?  Our politicians ought to be receiving a torrent of such mail from the public.  Where is our backbone?     E. Fox]

Office of the Governor
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Gov. Schwarzenegger, 

Thank you for vetoing bills # AB 606 and AB 1056.

Please also veto bills numbered AB1207, AB2510, SB160, SB1471, SB1827.

There is no evidence anywhere to be put on the table showing that homosexuality is inborn, genetic, or biologically caused.  None.  The science on that is clear.  People get into homosexuality through various means, but none of them caused by things that cannot be changed.  And furthermore, persons are commonly exiting the homosexual lifestyle.  It is hard, but it can be done. 

Prior to the 1990's, no one on either side of the issue said that one could not change his sexual orientation.  Masters and Johnson, Alfred Kinsey, John Money -- all pro-homosexual, said it as difficult but could be done.  It was the person's own choice. 

It was only in the early 1900's, when homosexual strategists discovered the PR "pity" value of having homosexuality inborn, that the anyone seriously claimed it was inborn.  There were several studies alleging so, none of which have survived scientific peer review.  The evidence is clear that homosexuality is not inborn in any determinative way.  It is a behavior, not an identity.  It is a compulsive, addictive behavior masquerading at an identity.

Homosexual behavior is inherently self-destructive.  Given that behaviors such as anal sex, fisting, rimming, golden showers, and scat are typical in the homosexual lifestyle -- all of which involve contact with human waste -- it is hardly any wonder that there is an enormously high disease and death rate.  We have no more business promoting that behavior than smoking or drugs.   

Homosexual behavior is thus lethal.  Persons active in the homosexual lifestyle will on average shorten their lifespans by 30% to 40%, much worse than smoking, probably not living far into their 50's.  No study has shown the opposite, that practicing homosexual persons live as long as the average population.   

When people insist on self-destructive behavior despite all warnings, that is a sign of a compulsive and addictive behavior. 

The thing most lacking is an honest public discussion on homosexual behavior.  The legislation proposed by the homosexual lobby is designed to shut that discussion down -- for obvious reasons.  They want to get by coercion and deceit what they cannot get with open, honest discussion.  One does not want to talk in public about such behavior, but the alternative is to allow the promotion and justification for that behavior to be funnelled into our schools and the minds of our children.   

The deeper issue is not sexuality, but honest discussion -- so that sexuality (or any other) issues can be honestly resolved.  I have worked with Exodus since 1989, helping people out of homosexuality and other sexually addictive behavior, and would be happy to supply documentation for the above information.   

So we have a choice -- honest discussion which is unpleasant, or promoting compulsive, lethal behavior to our children.   

My hope is that you will insist on that honest discussion -- so that truth, whatever that may be, can win the debate.  Please veto any legislation which has the effect of shutting down that discussion. 

You are in a position to effectively insist on open debate.  Please use your bully pulpit to do so.  In an open, honest forum, truth will win its own case.   

You can access all this information and more at my website:  http://theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/22SxSo/PnSx/HSx/00HoSx.htm  

If I can be of further help, please contact me through my email address (emmfox@theroadtoemmaus.org). 

Yours truly,
Earle Fox, La Habra, CA

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