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The Boy Scouts & Homosexuality

Robert Ceilnicky & Earle Fox

[COMMENT:  The following articles were sent by the two above authors to every local Boy Scout Council in America, about 300 of them, with the request to send the material on to the national headquarters, requesting that homosexuality not be approved, and that openly homosexual persons not be admitted either to membership or to leadership.  The reasons given make a clear and evident case.   

Not one positive response was received in reply.  I had not thought we had sunk so low.  There had to have been deliberate infiltration into their leadership.     E. Fox] 


Letter to the Scout leadership:

Petition Letter

Homosexual Behavior 

Earle Fox responds to a North Carolina BSA officer:

See Girl Scouts

For more detailed articles, go to Sexuality Brochures, two top items on "evidence" and "winning...".

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Date Posted - 02/03/2013   -   Date Last Edited - 06/27/2013