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Matthew Shepard:
The Horst Wessel of the “Gay” Movement

By Scott Lively, J.D., Th.D.

[COMMENT:  This bit about Matthew Shepard has been known for almost a decade by anyone who looked at the facts. The news needs to be spread far and wide.  Enough of the propaganda.     E. Fox]


It was 1930 and a culture war was raging between the fascists and the communists in Germany. The growing Nazi Party was strong, but the people still favored the communists. It fell to young Josef Goebbels to win hearts and minds to the Nazi cause. How could this be done? The Nazis were newcomers, trying to change the social order, and their aggressive tactics were offensive to many people. But in a move that would establish him as a master propagandist, Goebbels turned the tables by casting the Nazis as victims of the communists. The key was Horst Wessel.

Horst Wessel was just another Nazi street thug, but on February 23, 1930 he was murdered by a militant communist. Wessel wasn’t killed over ideology; it was a matter of unpaid rent to his landlady. However, the timing was right for Goebbels’ scheme and so Horst Wessel became the first martyr of the movement: the symbol of Nazi victim hood at the hands of the evil Communists. The “Horst Wessel Song” became, literally, the anthem of the Nazi Party, and Wessel assumed mythic stature as figure of near-religious worship.

In 1998 a culture war was waging between the homosexuals and the Christians in America. The growing “gay” movement was strong, but the people still favored the Christian values of marriage and the natural family. The leaders of the “gay” movement needed to win more of the public to their position. How could this be done? The “gays” were still relative newcomers, trying to change the social and moral order of the nation, and their aggressive tactics (“We’re Queer, We’re Here, Get Used to It!) were offensive to many people. But in a move that would confirm their reputation as master propagandists, the “gay” leaders turned the tables, casting the homosexuals as victims of Christian “homophobia.” The key was Matthew Shepard.

Matthew Shepard was just another self-identified “gay,” but on October 12, 1998, he was murdered by two men. He wasn’t killed because he was a homosexual, it was a matter of robbery. And the robbers obviously weren’t Christians. However, the timing was right for the “gay” scheme, and so Matthew Shepard became the new martyr of the homosexual movement: a symbol of “gay” victim hood at the hands of the evil Christians. A play about his death, “The Laramie Project” became the showpiece of the “gay” movement, and Shepard himself assumed mythic stature as a figure of near-religious worship.

Matthew Shepard is the Horst Wessel of the modern “gay” movement. He was probably a fine young man, despite his lifestyle, and his murder was certainly a deplorable act. However, his legend is a lie. Its purpose is to deceive and manipulate the public. And its proponents are fascists.

Indeed, the American “gay” movement is as fascist as the German fascist movement was “gay,” and there are many links between the two. For example, the first U.S. homosexual organization, formed in 1924, was the Chicago Chapter of the German Society for Human Rights. The most prominent member of the German parent organization was Hitler’s closest friend, openly homosexual Ernst Roehm, head of the Nazi SA (also known as the Brown Shirts). Interestingly, Horst Wessel, as a member of the early SA under Roehm, was probably homosexual or bisexual as well. (And yes, Hitler was “gay.”).

Just how closely were Nazi fascism and homosexuality linked? It was Soviet author Maxim Gorky who observed: “There is already a saying in Germany. ’Eliminate the homosexual and fascism will disappear.’” This citation and additional proof of the assertions made here may be found in my book, co-authored by Jewish researcher Kevin E. Abrams, The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, published online at www.defendthefamily.com.

Several years ago Eric Pollard, a “gay” founder of the radical AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT-UP) made a startling admission in the Washington Blade, a leading homosexual newspaper: “I sincerely apologize for my involvement in and my founding of…ACT-UP DC…I have helped to create a truly fascist organization….[which uses] subversive tactics, drawn largely from the voluminous Mein Kampf [Hitler‘s autobiography], which some of us studied as a working model (Time to give up fascist tactics, Washington Blade, January 1992). Prominent homosexual writer Randy Shilts labeled another “gay” activist group, Queer Nation,“ brown shirts” and “lavender fascists.” These admissions were surprising because they directly contradict the goals of the “gay” propagandists, who campaign incessantly to define “gays” as exclusively victims of society. But such confessions are rare, and never reprinted in mainstream publications, so the public never learns the truth.

It is a testament to “gay” propaganda that much of the American public now thinks of Christians as the aggressors and homosexuals as victims. But it is the “gays,” not the Christians that are trying to overthrow the traditional, family-centered society. And it is the Christians, not the “gays” that are being silenced and marginalized for their views: in government, mass media, academia and corporate America. Adolf Hitler would be proud.

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