Letter to Secretary of Education,
Margaret Spellings

Dear Secretary Spellings,

Thank you for taking a bold stand for our children by stopping the homosexual-pushing "Postcards From Buster" episode.

I have been working with Exodus, helping people out of homosexuality, since 1989, and have been involved in both the healing and the public policy issues.

You will find at my website what I believe to be the only strategy for shedding honest light on the homosexual issues at http://theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/22SxSo/BroSx/Html/Strtgy1pg.htm -- both an *.html and a *.pdf version. Please feel free to copy and use these articles.

The real issue before us is not "love" or "compassion", as homosexual activists want the public to believe. The real issue is the specific behaviors engaged in by homosexual persons, those very things which homosexual advocates want the public to approve, and the very things which they have successfully kept from public discussion.

The tragedy is that our "conservative" leadership (due to timidity or badly misplaced prudery) has also kept these behaviors from public discussion. That is irresponsible, regardless of the ugly nature of the behaviors. We must not allow the advocates of homosexuality to sell the public a pig in a poke. We must force them to take the pig out of the poke so the public can assess rightly whether to approve it.

Thank you for your firm position on the issues, and I hope that the information on my website will prove helpful. Please contact me at emmfox@juno.com or 703 765-7862 if I can be of help.

Faithfully, Earle Fox

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