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YouTube hosts I Do Exist clip
of Dr. Robert Spitzer

[COMMENT:  The email below is from Dr. Warren Throckmorton, a therapist who helps folks coming out of homosexuality.  He helped produce a video, I Do Exist, a claim made by persons who are no longer homosexual -- but denied by many homosexual advocates.   The link below is a clip from that video of Dr. Robert Spitzer, who helped break the hammer lock of homosexual advocates in the American Psychiatric Assn. (APA) regarding the possibility of persons exiting the homosexual lifestyle. 

In 1998, I had become the executive director of Transformation Christian ministries in Washington, DC.  My predecessor had already arranged for a picketing venture to be held outside the convention hall in the spring of 1999 where the American Psychiatric Assn. was having its yearly meeting.  We were picketing in a circle as the people drove up to the center and went in.  Dr. Spitzer came over and began talking with some of our people, some of whom were by then cleanly out of "the lifestyle".  As he says on the video below, he had not believed they could come out.  But being an honest person, he interviewed our people, came to our press conference the next day, and started a study to see for sure whether people were telling the truth about "coming out" and being "ex-gay".   He decided that there was no reason not to believe their stories. 

That, of course, sent shock waves through the psychiatric community, and led to some unpleasant experiences for Spitzer.  The homosexual advocates had so cowed the rest of the APA members that even Spitzer's testimony changed only a few.  But things are moving (slowly) in the right direction.  Others since then have made strong statements that therapy for homosexual persons is a right which cannot be denied to those who wish it.

The spring of 2000, I drove up to New York to talk with Spitzer at his office, hoping to get some of our people into the next APA convention to tell their stories.  But it was not possible, due mostly to the sturdy resistance of homosexual activists to any story being told but their own.  Spitzer's main concern was the attitude of Christians toward homosexual persons.  He asked if we were intending to pack them all off to hell.  I replied that, no, we were interested in keeping them out of hell. 

He continued his studies, which he presented at a later APA meeting.  He attended an Exodus meeting at Nazarene College on Point Loma near San Diego, California, at which I had lunch with him.  I asked what his impression might be.  He replied, "Well, there's no hate here."  

Sadly, we Christians do not have a reputation for being either reasonable or loving.  The two always go together.  We have blasphemously pasted on God that same reputation, for which we must get on our knees and repent.  We must reach out to the homosexual community with truth and grace, or face the judgement of God.  

In the video, Spitzer is not hopeful about the APA changing its position in the near future.  He is clear that that is so because (1) there is are activist organizations which are controlling the APA attitude on the subject, and (2) that the few who disagree are not willing to stand up and face down the tragic manipulation of an allegedly scientific organization.  Given the lives at stake, this amounts to betrayal of science and criminal medical malpractice. 

The APA should be strongly called to account by clergy and other leaders.  But the studied ignorance and cowardice prevails there also.  So people continue to die of AIDS, young children are seduced into a compulsive, lethal addiction, and the Band Plays On. 

The change will come as Christians and others with common sense regain their intellectual, moral, and spiritual backbones.  Pray for that to happen soon, beginning with yourself.     E. Fox]


You can watch an important clip of Dr. Robert Spitzer from the I Do Exist now on YouTube. Click here to see it and share it with others.

Please feel free to send [this video] to others and post [it] on your blogs.

Blessings, Warren

Warren Throckmorton, PhD


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