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Trapping the Christians in their own Stupidity

[COMMENT:  It is not clear whether there is legal pressure, or "just" public noise abroad from the disappointed family.  But I would guess that this is part of a large plan to keep the issue in the public eye, to keep pressure of sympathy by making the orthodox Christian look mean and nasty.  The family of the deceased is allowing itself to be used for homosexual political purposes, which have nothing at all to do with honest grieving, honest politics, or honest science.

Why in the name of all that is good and right do the conservative people not get serious with the issue?  Why do they not name the real issue, homosexual behavior, and force the homosexualist side to be open and clear about what it really wants the public to approve?  There is a quite clear and definable set of behaviors in which homosexual persons engage.  They are almost all disease and death promoting.  But our side will not stand up and say so. 

The orthodox and conservative want to be "biblical", but they do it in a totally unbiblical way -- as though appeal to empirical evidence, and reasoned logic were not part of being Biblical.  So they lock themselves into what only the Bible literally says, as though that is what God expects us to do, ignoring the empirical evidence of the matter. 

That is nonsense, and totally contrary to Scripture.  You might start with Elijah on Mount Carmel, about 900 BC, some four centuries before there were any philosophers in Greece.  Elijah appeals clearly to logic ("How long will you go limping on two opinions....?" and the empirical evidence (see which alleged deity will show up to prove His own case...).   This was identifiably science, rough and ready to be sure, but science nevertheless.  A truly astonishing event -- even if God had not shown up -- because Elijah clearly had an idea of a God who respects reason and integrates that with His self-revelation.  The same principles are all over Scripture.  

In one sense, the church acted with the utmost grace and compassion, yet held to its stance.  But it does not know how to get at the real issue, and so is almost certain to lose the PR battle -- with the gleeful help of the media and many pro-homosexual churches.  

If we will not use Godly common sense, and force homosexualists to admit out loud what they really want, we deserve what we get.    E. Fox]

Church in Dallas refuses to bow down to homosexual pressure


There is a battle taking place in Dallas. It is a battle trying to force a church to lower their Scriptural standards to meet homosexual demands.

When High Point Church refused to allow their building to be used in a memorial service celebrating homosexuality, the homosexuals became very upset and started a campaign of harassment and public ridicule aimed at High Point.

If those pushing the homosexual agenda get their "hate crimes" bill passed into law, this is only a sample of what churches, pastors and Christians can expect.

Click here to read the news article about this situation.

Click here to read the church's statement regarding their refusal to bow down to the homosexual demands.


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