[COMMENT:  Skip Venable, a legislator in Delaware, is using the material in Homosexuality Debate -- in the Public Arena, which contains the only strategy I know of for turning the homosexuality debate around positively and gracefully.  The strategy is not "nice" in that ineffectual, pathologically polite sense, but it is graceful and respectful of all persons.

This page below is his adaptation of my article for creating talking points.  He is confronting the usual type of pro-homosexual bill which now turns up in legislatures regularly around the country.  He is the first person I am aware of to want to use the strategy, hopefully not the last.  The strategy seems to me to be an almost guaranteed winner. 

The phrase, "pig in a poke", is memorable and catchy.  'Poke' is Scottish for 'bag', so the phrase indicates dishonesty on the part of someone who does not what you to see what he is selling you.  We should keep asking, Please take the pig out of the poke so we can give an honest answer as to whether we approve

If, every time homosexual advocates got up to defend homosexuality, they knew they would have to defend homosexual behavior in public and specifically, there would be far fewer of them getting up.  We must get over our timidity and prudery, and speak the truth in love. 

Solo persons are too easily side-tracked, ignored, or otherwise shut down, so the strategy will work far better if a team of six or more is trained to work together at a conference or other gathering, so that when one speaker is shut down, others can get up and re-raise the relevant issues which someone may want to sidetrack.  

The ONLY issue is the list of specific behaviors.  We do not differ on love, we all agree that love is a good idea.  We do disagree on specific sexual behaviors, so the issue must always be brought back to that. 

Homosexuality supporters must be forced to agree in public that these behaviors are what they seek approval for.  The homosexual lifestyle without sexual engagement is nothing at all.  It is all about sex.  So that is what must be publicly clarified. 

This is the ONLY really winning strategy for two reasons:  (1) We learn how to wield the Sword of the Spirit to cut the jugular vein, not of persons, but of their arguments.   (2) We force a clarity of the issues which is the only way to lay the matter really to rest.   Failing at these two points invites the enemy to come back again. 

See the Homosexuality Library and Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? for a raft of further information and strategy helps.  

E. Fox]  

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What rights are we really protecting?
A pig in a poke?

Emmaus Ministries



F. Earle Fox, D. Phil.

What rights is Delaware HB 99 meant to protect?   A pig in a poke?

Homosexual activists have successfully framed the debate as a matter of civil rights, privacy, and victimhood in order to avoid talking about their specific behavior -- because it is so unhealthy and destructive. Their political supporters are either so ill informed about homosexuality or so compromised by the homosexual political lobby that they refuse to confront homosexual persons with the facts and consequences of their destructive behavior.

Homosexuality is a behavior.

What behavior are they asking to be endorsed and protected? Once mandated by law, it will be taught in the schools as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. Is it indeed acceptable?

Studies from both the anti- and pro-gay sides of homosexual research focus on the same behaviors with similar figures as to what percentages of homosexual persons engage in them. The following figures are taken from one of the largest studies on this subject, The Gay Report by Karla Jay and Allen Young, both homosexual persons.

About 99% of homosexual males engage in oral sex; 91% engage in anal sex; 82% engage in “rimming,” touching the anus of one’s partner with one’s tongue and inserting the tongue into the anus; 22% engage in “fisting” inserting one’s fist into the rectum of the partner; 23% engage in “golden showers,” urinating on each other; 4% engage in “scat,” the eating of feces and in “mud rolling,” rolling on the floor where feces have been deposited.

A New England Journal of Medicine study indicates that the average active homosexual male ingests the fecal material of 23 different men each year (largely from rimming). Homosexual persons on average fellated 106 different men per year, swallowed 50 of the seminal ejaculations, and had 72 penile penetrations of the anus. (Type “homosexual” along with any of the above described behaviors into the Google search engine to corroborate how widespread these practices are.)

(Editor’s note: Many of these activities are identified in a Safer Sex brochure produced cooperatively between the Delaware Lesbian Gay Health Association and the Delaware Division of Public Health and was available for distribution in public schools as early as 1993.)

Homosexual behavior: the medical, psychological, and sociological consequences.

Medically, consequences are so devastating that the average practicing homosexual loses from 25% to 40% of his/her lifespan, typically not living beyond 50 in a culture where the average lifespan is well into the 70’s. Sexually transmitted diseases commonly contracted from homosexual behavior include gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis A and B, anal cancer, amoebic “gay” bowel disease and herpes. Even though homosexual persons comprise approximately 3% of the population, they make up roughly 50% of the HIV/AIDS cases. Due to their unsafe health practices, homosexual persons are not permitted to donate blood at local blood banks.

Psychologically, evidence shows homosexual behavior to be compulsive and addictive. I.e., homosexual persons continue high-risk, often lethal, behavior despite knowing its dangers -- not limited to sexual behavior. “Gay men use substances at a higher rate than the general population, and not just in larger communities such as New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. These include a number of substances ranging from amyl nitrate (‘poppers’), to marijuana, Ecstasy, and amphetamines.” (Anne Petrov, Science Editor, www.365Gay.com)

Sociologically, homosexual persons seek to eliminate basic moral traditions by changing marriage laws, child sexual consent laws, pro-gay curricula in schools and requiring religious organizations to employ homosexuals. This is demonstrated in recent headlines in World Net Daily: “Law forces churches to hire homosexuals--New Illinois measure makes ‘gay rights’ more important than religious freedoms” (1-22-2005); “Complaint demands ’pro-gay’ studies for kids” (1-25-2005). The "gay" agenda is about their freedom, not anyone else's.

Homosexuality ignores the moral law. Martin Luther King, quoting Thomas Aquinas said, “A just law squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law…is out of harmony with the moral law.” HB 36 is such an unjust law, granting protection to people based on participation in unhealthy and irresponsible behavior prohibited by the law of God. When the law disregards the Biblical moral standard, it loses all argument against pedophilia, bestiality, or polygamy, which are then protected under “sexual orientation”.

Honest public policy should seek to protect the public’s health and safety, not increase health risks by protecting high-risk behavior. Should school children be taught that homosexual behavior is an acceptable alternative lifestyle? Traditionally, legislators have enacted legislation to restrict and discourage behavior detrimental to individuals and communities, i.e., drug laws, alcohol abuse laws, smoking laws, driving laws, etc. Their policies regarding sexual orientation should reflect that same concern for public health and safety. In order to be consistent, legislators should discourage homosexual behavior via counseling and education programs that warn of the dangers. Granting protected status to those who practice homosexual behavior is the same as state approval of the behavior and an open invitation for others to participate.


Distribute this information to your family and friends.

Ensure your State Representative and State Senator are familiar with this information. If they are going to vote on this legislation, they should be fully informed about the behavior the bill supports.

Check to see if your children's school is teaching that homosexual behavior is an acceptable lifestyle

In any discussion, insist that this "pig" be taken out of the poke into the light so that it can be honestly examined by the public which is being asked to approve it. Behavior so bad that it cannot be discussed ought never be approved.

Insist that homosexual supporters indicated specifically which of the above behaviors they wish the public to approvel, and why.

For more information, log on to the following websites:

www.theroadtoemmaus.org Read The Homosexuality Debate in the Public Arena in it’s entirety at this site.





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