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Alfred Kinsey
(vs. Judith Reisman) Library

[I feel a bit hesitant to devote a library to this man.  There are few persons in American history who can be credited with as much evil as Alfred Kinsey.  America had been primed for his research by a century of pseudo-science, evolution, the so-called "Enlightenment", progressive education -- all of which were (and are) products of the Fallen world, the world in rebellion against (or in ignorance of) God. 

Without God, objectivity begins to erode in all areas, including science, but most obviously in morality and in relationship accountability.   We become focused on how good we feel rather than on how well we relate -- one of the many tragic consequences of separation from God. 

Kinsey could not have done his work without the prior bad-seed planting, without the steady erosion of the Biblical worldview, without the collapse of Christian and Jewish intellectual credibility.  

We are at war, and Christians have been hiding from the contest.   Cowards, Scripture tells us, do not inherit the Kingdom of God.   So we would do well to reacquaint ourselves with the full armor of God.  

We are using considerable material from Judith Reisman, one of the pioneers in research on Kinsey, and clearly not a coward.  E. Fox]


Tragic Results of Kinsey's "research"

Kinsey and Caitlin - the horrific legacy of Kinsey and his two evil volumes on sexual behavior. 

Kinsey: Sordid Science, by Susan Brinkmann  - based on Kinsey, Crimes, & Consequences, by Judith Reisman

Campus Porn - Judith Reisman, Dennis Jarrard...  & Kinsey

Supreme Court on Sodomy -  based on Kinsey's fraudulent science.

1-Sheet Strategy for Turning the Homosexuality Tide --
        handy 1-sheet *.pdf file available to copy and distribute.   Good for discussion starter. 

 ALEC Report on Kinsey Fraud -- More from J. Reisman 

Kinsey - link to article at Concerned Women for America

"Kinsey''s Dirty Secrets" -- more on the history of the matter, including Judith Reiman's entry into the fray. 

Judith Reisman on Alfred Kinsey --  "20th Century Sex Science and the Law."  Kinsey was a psychopathic molester of small children, as shown by his own writings.  Watch this video by Reisman -- the world expert on Kinsey and the so-called sex revolution.  And the world bought it.  We Christians must turn it around in the name of truth and of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The evidence is overwhelming and damning.  

   How Addictive is Porn? -- Judith Reisman  (Distinguished Senior Fellow in the Study of Social Trends, Human Rights and Media Forensics at www.theInterAmerican.org).   All sexual pleasure can become addictive if it is separated from Godly and righteous relationship. 


Pedophilia - the "Next Frontier"

Judith Reisman vs. Paul McHugh - on Pedophilia -- an example of Godly strategy -- dragging the mess into the open. 

Reisman's Request Rejected by McHugh -- More on - How to go after the dark side. 

Reisman - APA Heading to Normalizing Pedophilia

Kinsey's Kooky Shrinks --   Judith Reisman on the promotion of pedophilia

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