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Whatever Happened To Caitlin?

By Rosaline Bush, Editor

The Kinsey Legacy

CWA Takes On Kinsey

Target Kinsey!

Caitlin Caulder Wesley

Caitlin Caulder Wesley, 25, died October 5, in Millton, GA after a brief illness. Born in Creedmore, GA, Ms. Wesley earned a bachelor's degree in 1992 from Lionel State College in Hurst, GA. She received a master's degree in education from McLean University in 1994.

Ms. Wesley held a position with the Perkins County School System from 1993 until April 1996. A Perkins County resident, she was a member of the American Association of University Women, the National Education Association, and the Arts Council. She was on the board of the Perkins County Family Planning Council.

Ms. Wesley is survived by her mother, Katherine Caulder Johnsey, Creedmore, GA; two brothers, Dr. Robert V. Wesley of Galen, VA, and Jonathan C. Wesley of Arrington, TX; four nieces and one nephew.

The family suggests that expressions of sympathy be made in the form of donations to the Perkins County Family Planning Council.

When you read the obituary of a young person, do you try and piece together what they were like? What were their hopes, their dreams? Caitlin Wesley may be a stranger to you, but you probably know someone like her.

Only 25 . . . Who would have thought life could be so short? Certainly not Caitlin Wesley, her parents, or her friends. She had experienced such a glorious beginning!

New Year's Baby Arrives

Caitlin Caulder Wesley-weighing in at 7 lbs. 8 oz. and measuring 21 in.-arrived on January 1, 1972 at two minutes after midnight. Dr. Samuel Rayfolk pronounced her "a healthy specimen." As the first baby born in Creedmore General Hospital in the new year, Caitlin will receive various gifts and a $1,000 savings bond from area merchants. Her proud parents are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jonathan Wesley of 403 Somers Avenue.

Yes, the Wesleys were quite proud of their new daughter-and themselves. R.J. Wesley at 35 was well on his way up the corporate ladder. Robert and Jonathan, their 10-year-old twins were involved in sports and doing great in school. After several years, Katy's real estate business was finally paying off. And they had the little girl they had hoped for. She would have every advantage-they would see to that. Yes, life was good . . . or was it?

Primed for Revolution

By 1972, our nation had witnessed dramatic changes. After two world wars, the Great Depression, the Korean conflict, and the Vietnam War, American culture had begun to shift-a little here, a little there. We were becoming more aware of our global position. However, although the shifts proved significant, most went unnoticed at the time.

Christianity had played a significant role in the discovery and settlement of America. It had provided a standard in judging education, legislation, and behavior-both public and private. Although America still considered herself a Christian nation, she had become a prime target for a social revolution.

Life-Changer Kinsey

Then along came zoologist Dr. Alfred Kinsey. Under the guise of respectable science he used skewed and immoral research to displace America's morality.

Because of this one man, key changes have been made in our laws and public policy. They, in turn, have brought about social disorders undreamed of in our nation's early days. Kinsey's evil philosophy has entwined around America's public policy, education and justice systems, theology, and morality. Most of us can't remember life before Kinsey. But there was a time . . .

Sheltered From the Storm

When R.J. and Katy Wesley were growing up after World War II, they were unaware of the enormous changes going on. Their hometown was small and sheltered. Families usually lived close to grandparents. Fathers were responsible for the welfare of the family. Both R.J's and Katy's moms stayed home. It was safe to walk to school or go to the movies unattended. And movies were wholesome-the good guys always won. No one had to question, "Who's the good guy?"

Reflective Report Card

In school, teachers taught the basics; children received report cards that actually reflected what they had achieved. No one had ever heard of self-esteem, but they did know discipline. A teacher would have died before she discussed sex in the classroom-as would her pupils.

Laws protected children and families. Criminals were punished severely for rape. People were arrested for cohabitation and adultery. Sodomy, outlawed in every state, was listed in the newspaper as a "crime against nature." Katy had asked her mom once what that was-but she got no definitive answer. Divorce was uncommon. And a couple having a child out of wedlock was ostracized. Neither R.J. nor Katy had heard of abortion till they were in high school. And homosexuality was as foreign to their world as walking on the moon.

That Was Then

By the time R.J. and Katy married, a new worldview had evolved. Dr. Kinsey's philosophy had infiltrated academics and society at large. The sixties brought on rebellion against authority, sexual promiscuity, and rampant drug abuse. Whether they participated or not, R.J.'s family members were influenced by the societal changes taking place.

The two had grown up churched-Sunday school, youth group, etc. But now that their lives were so busy, neither could find the time. Then when the twins came along, they made an effort to get them into Sunday school. As the twins grew older, Robert and Jonathan dropped out of church altogether. They did, however, join the Boy Scouts.

When the twins were 9, Katy became pregnant. So at 15, the boys were learning to drive. And Caitlin was entering kindergarten.

Caitlin's Adventure

Caitlin skipped into school that first day, and Katy went in to meet her teacher. After checking Ms. Sampson's credentials, Katy left. She saw the teacher occasionally at P.T.A. meetings and finally when school let out for the summer. Because Ms. Sampson had graduated from an Ivy League school, Katy assumed everything was all right.

But it wasn't! Ms. Sampson had her own agenda. Caitlin remembered the day Teacher showed them the pictures. "This is our secret," she said. "Today we're going to learn the names of the parts of your body." She began with the picture of a naked man. As Ms. Sampson pointed to various body parts, she labeled each one-and waited for the children to repeat the name. Caitlin thought she would throw up.

"We don't talk about things like that at home," she thought. Caitlin sat very still. As little boys around her began to giggle, she wanted to go home. But she was trapped. Caitlin never told Mommy and Daddy . . . School was no fun anymore.

Middle School Madness

By age 11, Caitlin learned in science class that humans had evolved from a lower lifeform. Moreover, trees have the same right to life as humans. Caitlin had learned that it is okay to have two mommies and no daddy. She became adept at using a calculator, but had no concept of multiplication or division. This A-student could not make change but scored high in self-esteem. She learned in physical education classes to unashamedly strip in front of others. And her reading teacher suggested that Caitlin read everything-nothing in the library was off-limits. At first, some of the books she read confused her and gave her funny feelings.

Last year in fifth grade, her class had played the lifeboat game. Each student was assigned a role-priest, pregnant woman, etc. The lifeboat would only hold seven people. The class had to decide who would be allowed to live-and why. Caitlin tried to give up her place. She didn't want to put someone to death-even in a game.

Although Caitlin attended church only at Christmas and Easter, she knew deep down that murder was wrong. By that time, prayer had been taken out of the schools, and most Christian children kept their faith to themselves. In Caitlin's school, it was not "cool" to read the Bible or talk about church. With no anchor of faith or family, she was easy prey for a Kinseyan education.

Seduced by the System

When Caitlin was 15, the nurse at the clinic next door demonstrated how to use a condom. When she drew a banana out of her bag, the room erupted into raucous laughter. By this time, however, the tenth-grader had learned to joke about uncomfortable situations. She just laughed with the rest. Her formerly tender heart was being seared.

Caitlin's English teacher suggested that she keep a journal. In it, she was to write everything she was thinking and doing. Nobody but the teacher would ever see it.

At first she was skeptical. But when she decided she really could "trust" the teacher, Caitlin began to write from her heart. Her parents had lives of their own. If they had only known . . . they would have realized that their "good little girl" was being seduced by the system.

Caitlin Loses Out

If they had only known . . . the twins' good friend Brian-age 25-had taken liberties with Caitlin. Perhaps they would have intervened. Or they may have put her on birth control pills because they considered her an adult-capable of making sexual decisions. They, too, had been seduced by the system. As she wrote in her journal, "He's cute and older. Besides, he loves me." Brian, she said, had also introduced her to pornography and pills.

Brian knew Caitlin was "jail bait," but nobody paid any attention to that anymore. A product of the Playboy philosophy, Brian had no intention of committing to one girl. He had slept with several girls-some as young as 12.

Then Caitlin ended up pregnant. "It's not my fault," Brian convinced himself. "She should have been on the pill . . . Well, too bad. She will just have to get an abortion-and fast."

A baby at 15 was out of the question. Besides, Caitlin had been taught that abortion was safer than having a baby. So she agreed. A long time after that, she wondered why she hurt so much and why she kept thinking about it. Pills helped to ease the pain. But when the sedatives wore off, Caitlin had to face it again. And Brian was no help. In two months he had split.

And Now Dad

About the same time, Caitlin's father had a mid-life crisis. R. J., who had just turned 50, left his family, got a no-fault divorce, and dropped out of sight. Caitlin, a "daddy's girl," felt really alone. Now Mom's new friend Jake was acting "very friendly." And rather than trying to fend him off, she started spending more time with her friends-often overnight.

She saw her Dad only once after he left. Caitlin showed up in his office one day. R.J. was visibly shaken. After an initial hug, he retreated behind his desk, avoiding her eyes. Caitlin just wanted him to hold her and assure her that he still loved his "little girl."

Just then the door opened and a young woman rushed in. "Ready?" she asked. R.J. turned to Caitlin, "I'm sorry, but I have an appointment. I'll call you." Caitlin knew he wouldn't; he hadn't even introduced her to his "friend."

Teacher in Training

After Brian's departure and Dad's "breakdown"-as Mom called it-Caitlin vowed never to trust a man again. She had many one-night stands after that, but she never, ever, considered committing to anybody.

"Hey," she thought, "maybe I'm gay-one of those 10 percent they talk about." Although she never really fell into that trap, she did date guys who boasted of being bisexual. And many of her best friends were "gay." Caitlin joined SMYAL (Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League) and marched for their rights.

Caitlin always needed a "cause." As a freshman in college, she heard about Stanford University's student rallying cry: "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Culture's got to go!" Its prestigious faculty had chucked the Western Culture program and replaced it with multiculturalism and diversity. Lionel State followed suit. And Caitlin jumped on the politically correct bandwagon.

In her teacher-training classes, Caitlin learned about outcome-based education, Goals 2000, whole language, whole math, self-esteem, sex education, and meditation. She learned to beware of "homophobes" and the "religious right." She debated for more government involvement in education and supported the National Education Association. By the time she earned her master's degree, Caitlin was a certified "change agent." Dr. Kinsey would have been proud!

On The Job

Everyone had said teaching high school students was tough. So Caitlin accepted the challenge. She raised her students' self-esteem by inflating their English grades. She used her classes as a soapbox for the politically correct; she referred them to the school-based clinic for condoms; sponsored their clubs; and joined them in protest marches.

Caitlin was delighted when the NEA suggested a "gay and lesbian history month." She had already displayed famous homosexual authors on her bulletin board.

Only one student had come to her for counsel. "I'm pregnant," she confided. "What should I do?" Caitlin knew exactly what to do. The following week she drove the girl to the Planned Parenthood clinic. Nobody ever knew. That's the way it should be. Why upset the parents?

Life's Not Fair!

As it turned out, Caitlin was able to teach only two years. In early October of her third year, she suffered severe pain in her abdomen. When it didn't go away, she called her brother Rob, who practiced in another state. "Go to your doctor right away," he told her.

Caitlin promised she would and hung up the phone. "Probably a virus," she thought. "I'll wait it out." And she did. Two days later, she was found dead-alone in her apartment.

The coroner revealed that Caitlin had experienced an ectopic pregnancy. "When the fertilized egg began to grow inside the fallopian tube," he told her mother, "the tube ruptured. The resulting hemorrhage killed her." What he didn't tell Caitlin's mother was that her tubes were scarred because of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Mrs. Johnsey would have been horrified that her beautiful and talented daughter had been infected with chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease.

How could this have happened? Caitlin had done all the "right things." She practiced safe sex-a real '90s woman.

In the final analysis, Caitlin had been used. The education system had robbed her of a classic education; seduced her through deceit and outright lies; the court system had given her "rights" she never owned; the criminal justice system did not provide justice for those who had used her; legislators had legalized her immoral behavior; and national leaders had set an example of immorality.

In death, Caitlin made a final payment for the free love and special rights she had championed. And though she never met him, Dr. Alfred Kinsey's fingerprints were all over her life.

Perhaps Caitlin's epitaph should read:

Caitlin Caulder Wesley
Faithful to the end
To a man she died for-
But never met



The Kinsey Legacy

* 1942 U.S. Planned Parenthood forms

* 1948 Kinsey publishes Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Reni Gzyon ("sex before 8 or it's too late") publishes The Ethics of Sexual Acts on the need to end sex laws-citing Kinsey data

* 1953 Hugh Hefner founds Playboy magazine; he teaches Joe College to fear commitment

* 1955 American Bar Association recommends laws trivializing rape, allowing adultery, fornication, cohabitation 1957 Kinsey persuades Post Office to allow "scientists" to receive obscenity in mail

* 1960 Supreme Court establishes legal category of "soft" pornography and Kinsey proclaims 10% of population is gay; initiates gay rights

* 1961 Illinois legalizes sodomy

* 1964 SIECUS (Sex Information & Education Council of the U.S.) founded on Kinsey data

* 1968 National Drug & Sex Forum trains over 50,000 sex professionals, and contraceptive pill goes on market

* 1970 SIECUS Guide to Adult/Child Sex

* 1972 National Institute for Mental Health urges homosexuality be taught as "normal"

* 1973 NEA president: "The day of basic skills is over . . . we will be the conveyor of national values"

* 1974 Playboy funds ACLU to educate public on "victimless crime".

* 1975 Sex ed teachers accredited as "safe sex" teachers and American Psychological Association announces that homosexuality is "normal"

* 1980 Johns Hopkins University involved in sex change operations and Dr. John Money, advocate of adult/child sex, appears in TIME

* 1981 Dr. Mary Calderone (Siecus, Planned Parenthood) says children are sexual in the womb

* 1988 Surgeon General C. Everett Koop mass-distributes misleading AIDS brochure

* 1990s Dial-a-porn, computer child pornography, advertisements, trash TV breed younger sex offenders and victims, and SIECUS supports pornography, bi/homosexuality, child-child sex, adult-child sex

* 1990 Academic sexologists include "safe sex" in outcome-based education, self-esteem, diversity education; and gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth groups

* 1995 SIECUS recommends distribution and use of obscenity/porn by school children

RSVP CWA Takes On Kinsey

To offset the pseudo sex education permeating our culture, CWA haslaunched the RSVP. Campaign. The Restoring Social Virtue and Purityto America Campaign is targeting Kinsey's model of human sexuality.

More about Kinsey's secret life and fraudulent research is emerging. In August, Kinsey biographer James H. Jones wrote an article in The New Yorker magazine. Jones, who served on the Kinsey Institute's board of advisors, validates the findings of researcher and author, Judith Reisman, Ph.D.

Dr. Reisman is the academic whistle-lower who first revealed Kinsey's deadly sex secrets in 1981. For more than two decades, she has investigated Kinsey's fraud-seeking grassroots support for a congressional inquiry. Reisman is the only credible scholar capable of fully exposing Kinsey. Her research and input are integral to CWA's campaign.

Target Kinsey!

CWA plans to discredit, debunk and defund Kinsey by:

* Exposing crimes committed by researchers at the Kinsey Institute

* Exposing Kinsey as the fraudulent "scientific" basis of publicly funded sex education-and AIDS prevention-programs in the United States

* Promoting legislation that will defund every Kinsey-based program

* Publishing the failure of his "grand scheme" using public health data

* Removing Kinsey from our education and legal systems


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