Are Campus Pornography Courses
Sexual Abuse?

By Judith Reisman and Dennis Jarrard

Lawyers who are suing bishops should take aim at our college and university presidents, too.  That’s because many campuses are now sexually abusing young people right in the classroom.

More and more campuses are offering “academic” courses on pornography, in which boys and girls must jointly watch X-rated films, view Internet porn and visit sex shops.

At Wesleyan University, Prof. Hope Weissman requires students to do a pornography performance, make a sex film, or write a pornographic story.  “Sexprofs” often have sex “stars” visit the classroom as credible “lecturers.” [Note: Prof. Weissman died July 24, 2002.]  

New York University, UMass-Amherst, Penn State, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, San Francisco State, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara and Arizona State are among the schools luring our children into pornography—which sometimes becomes a “career move.”

Pornography not only coarsens viewers’ feelings, it endangers others on whom users act out their delusions.  Pornography literally reshapes the human brain.  Neuroscientist Dr. Gary Lynch says, “[A]n event which lasts half a second[,] within five to ten minutes has produced a structural change that is in some ways as profound as the structural changes…in [brain] damage.”

University of Pennsylvania psychologist Mary Ann Layden warns that pornography is often “a permanently implanted addictive substance” and that “it’s even harder for the porn addict to go into remission than the cocaine addict.”

Addiction isn’t the only danger.  “If you want sexual violence on campus,” Dr. Layden states, “you can tutor it using pornographic movies” in class.  Pornography teaches dangerous myths, e.g., that women and children like being raped and sodomized.  Typical pornographic sex crimes find males, aroused by the films, performing the types of rape just witnessed.

But pornography classes aren’t the only way campuses are sexually abusing young people.  At Indiana University, pornographers recently shot part of an X-rated movie on campus.  A sex industry spokesman bragged that 20 to 30 male and female students had signed up to “act” in the film.

Campus pornography production is one of many sexual ills that Indiana University foisted on society.  Fifty years ago IU was home to “sexual freedom” crusader and closet pornographer, Alfred Kinsey, a bi/homosexual sadomasochist who coerced his select male staff, their wives and his wife to illegally perform sex acts for his “erotic film collection.” 

Kinsey’s “research” (including the sexual abuse/torture of 317 infants and children) became the “scientific” basis for the fraudulent sexology that displaced Judeo-Christian sexual ethics in our schools, kindergarten through college.

In 2003 the Kinsey Institute is celebrating 50 years of Kinsey’s Female report by screening its “erotic” film collection (although apparently censoring the performances of the Mr. and Mrs. Kinsey, his team and their wives).

A new breed of professors called “sexologists” has spent the past 50 years promoting Kinsey’s pornographic “anything goes” ideology.

The results?

*In 1950, America’s illegitimacy and divorce rates were low.  Today, both are off the charts.

*In 1950 there were two main venereal diseases.  Today there are about 40, several of which can kill. After 50 years of “sexology,” 8,000 teenagers are daily diagnosed with VD.  One out of every four “sexually active” teens gets VD annually.  One in four adults now carries VD.

*In 1950, pornographers were jailed.  Today, X-rated films crowd your cable TV channels and neighborhood video stores.

*In 1950 children freely wandered almost anywhere.  In 1999, 58,200 children were abducted by people outside the family. Many were raped and some murdered.

Who’s responsible for this devastation?  The number one culprits are America’s universities.  They hired, accredited and promoted teachers of the Kinsey-spawned pseudo-science, sexology.  (If our campuses had hired such frauds to teach engineering, no building constructed since 1950 would still be standing.)

Despite the mayhem, the sexologists and “sexprofs” keep abusing young minds.  Academics attend sex industry conventions, giving “scholarly” talks to justify the $14-billion industry’s unchecked spewing of toxins at society.

Taxpayers should insist that public universities give the sexologists and “sexprofs” the boot.  Lawmakers should de-credential the “sexperts” and de-fund the campuses that harbor them.  Alumni should stop giving money to those schools.  And parents should sue schools that inject pornographic sex into their children’s minds.

Colleges should give students an education, not an addiction.

Judith Reisman is author of Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences. She lives in Sacramento, California. Her website is

Dennis Jarrard has taught in the University of California and State University of California systems. He lives in Santa Barbara, California.

[COMMENT:  Judith Reisman is one of the best equipped persons dealing with sexuality issues one can find.  She is of Jewish background, and became a Christian several years ago.  She has devoted many years to exposing the criminal workings of the sex revolution.  See her website above for further resources.  Article published here by permission.] 

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