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Depravity - coming to your neighborhood soon.

[COMMENT:  Depravity in Massachusetts --  tax funded, and government protected.  Coming too your neighborhood as soon as homosexual advocates can arrange it.   I kid you not.  

I have not written much about pansexuality, the view that all sexual expressions are morally equivalent and all good.  It comes from 'pan' meaning 'all'.    But here it comes, right down the middle of the street in public view.  Homosexuality is just one segment of pansexuality, and the homosexual advocates have been riding point for the rest of the entourage, very successfully -- mostly because our side has no backbone.  I fear that the great majority of the Western Christian Church will be spewed out of the mouth of the Lord (see Revelation 3:14 ff. on the word of the Lord to Laodicea).      E. Fox]

At Mass. Transgender "Gay Pride" Parade: Gruesome display of body mutilations -- women who've cut off their breasts march shirtless in defiance of "homophobic" society. 

Supported by politicians, corporations, public schools.

Yes, you read that correctly: A "transgender" parade including women who have purposefully had their breasts surgically cut off because they want to become men. As a further act of defiance and expression of their anger at "transphobic" society, they remove their shirts and parade their scars in public. (They are also taking huge amounts of male hormones, and several of them are prominently growing facial hair.)

The "Transgender Pride" parade took place on Saturday, May 7, in downtown Northampton, MA. It was on the second day of "Gay Pride Week" throughout Massachusetts.

Also in this parade: men dressing as women, many of whom are taking female hormones and have even had breast implants. And there were condoms and other sexual paraphernalia given out to anyone who wanted them.

These people have very, very serious psychological issues. They need real help. But instead, this is being sponsored and even celebrated by the states most powerful politicians and major corporations.

Do you want to know where the homosexual movement is taking society? Or how radical the homosexual activists in the public schools really are? Well, look no further than the 2008 version of "Gay Pride Week". We knew it would be worse than ever. But this was truy a nightmare.

See our full report - with photos - HERE - unbelievable:

CAUTION: Some of these photos are VERY disturbing

This is what's coming to your public schools. A major organizer and promoter of this event is also a major figure in the state-funded Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth, which runs homosexual programs in public schools across the state. (The Legislature is giving them $850,000 of your money in 2009.) Gunner Scott, a woman with a beard and sideburns, runs the ultra-radical Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, but in her role as a Mass. "GLBT Commissioner" travels to public schools, works with kids, and helps set up transgender programs in schools with your money.
Destructive legislation that might have passed

Remember the homosexual lobby's big push for Bill H1722, the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill earlier this year - that MassResistance was able to kill in committee? This is one reason why that bill was so dangerous. The town of Northampton passed a "transgender non-discrimination" ordinance which protects "gender expression" similar to what the transgender movement wants to pass statewide. If Bill H1722 were to pass, then scenes like this could become commonplace across the state, and it would be illegal not to allow or even to criticize such displays.

A LOT more coming up . . .

It was a full week of public depravity. This parade was just the beginning. Gay Pride Week started on June 6 with the flag-raising over Boston City Hall and ended Sunday with the big Pride Parade (followed by a bizarre downtown block party). And there were events all week. We have more photos and video than we can process right away.  We'll be posting it as quickly as we can. Much of it is horribly disturbing and frankly, pretty sick. Wait till you see it.

By the way, besides a slew of sell-out politicians, some of the corporate sponsors of Gay Pride week include: Budweiser, Starbucks, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Bank of America, Sovereign Bank, Verizon, Macy's, Borders bookstores, Zipcar, Pepsi, City of Boston, State of Massachusetts, Barak Obama for President, Bentley College, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, Massachusetts General Hospital. 


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Date Posted -  06/17/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012