Porn in Your Brain

[See E. Fox comment below.]

From: Bruce Taylor []

Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 4:23 PM

To: Judith Reisman

Subject: Doctors delighted at child porn ruling

Hi, Doc. 

The Doctors For Life in South Africa filed the submission that mentioned your brain stuff and now are still putting out the good news about your and similar research (you know, in that case I told you about where we filed a friend of the court brief in the form of an "affidavit" to a trial court in South Africa)  

Congrats, dear friend. 

Next stop, COPA. 


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Immediate Release                                                            Date:   2003-10-21

Tel: (021) 715 7063

[South African] Doctors delighted at child porn ruling

Doctors For Life International (DFL) is pleased with the judgement of the Constitutional Court that the possession and production of child pornography should stay illegal. DFL testified for the State on the effects of pornography on the brains of those looking at it.

DFL presented some of the latest research on the effects of pornographic images on the brain, mind and memory. The research showed that photographic images…disallow…the individual to decide whether an image is real and should be stored as such or discarded. Pornographic images… are stored in the brain as real-life experiences. This has dramatic impact on the behaviour of a person exposed to this material and remains embedded in his memory for long periods of time.

The evidence lead by DFL in the High Court during the early stages of this case so clearly demonstrated the harm done by child pornography that the Constitutional Court mainly had to decide whether this specific incident warranted an exception. Deputy Chief Justice Langa confirmed this when he held that “Child pornography is universally condemned for good reason. It strikes at the dignity of children, it is harmful to children who are used in its production, and it is potentially harmful because of the attitude to child sex that it fosters and the use to which it can be put in grooming children to engage in sexual conduct”.

DFL is an organisation of more than 1000 medical doctors, specialists and professors of medicine from South Africa and around the world.


 For more information:  Visit our website:    DFL office telephone: (031) 764-0443

[COMMENT: Research needs to be done to show why porn images are so indelible.   It might have to do with the power of the Imago Dei in which we are made, the union of masculine with feminine in God.  See Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women on the power of this image.   Sex and gender are not "accidental" to our nature.   We are made in the image of God -- male and female.   Gender is the core of our being. E. Fox.]

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