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Anglicans & Roman Catholics
on Obama & Tyranny...

F. Earle Fox

NOTE: This is a somewhat edited response to the email below...   E Fox 


Dear Dss. Annette, et al, 

         I am grateful for Archbishop Duncan's response to the situation raised by governmental threat, not only to religious freedom, but to all of our freedoms.  We need to reread the Declaration of Independence, which was inspired largely by the preaching of the Calvinists of the time, mainly the Presbyterians, asserting the absolute sovereignty of God over all things, including over George III.  Listening to the American Church today, one would hardly know that God was sovereign over much of anything. 

         I would like to add a friendly amendment to the Archbishop's statement, which I hope will be passed around and supported by one and all in the REC and ACNA.  The Archbishop's statement supports the Roman Catholic position, and righty so. 

        But it would have been good to add that we in the ACNA/REC/et al  likewise acknowledge the Scriptural mandate for sexual purity and to protect the lives of the innocent, that it is not just Roman Catholic teaching which is being violated, it is ours also, and that of every faithful Christian.  Every Christian has the obligation to protect sexual purity and to protect the innocent unborn, not merely with words, but with actions. 

        The recent news on sexual abuse in Los Angeles by teachers against students was being forecast 20 years ago, that the situation in government schools would one day be shown to dwarf that which has plagued the Roman Catholic Church. 

        You cannot teach children that they are merely animals and not expect those who teach that nonsense to refrain from treating them as animals for their own pleasure.  We have brought this upon ourselves and upon our children.  (Get your children out of government schools, they are unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral, and then get government wholly out of education.)

         What we are seeing from Mr. Obama is only a small part of a "long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object... (evincing) a design to reduce (us) under absolute despotism....," beginning long, long before the present administration (and a whole lot worse than anything the British were doing to the colonials -- they had not yet invented mind-control).  We were given a limited government, understood by our founding fathers to be under the law and grace of God.  They were not all orthodox trinitarian Christians, but they, one and all, did understand that we are both personally and corporately (politically) responsible before God. 

         Our constitution, once thought to be (short of the Bible itself) the best protection ever invented against tyranny, has been deliberately shredded to centralize government into the hands of a DC beltline oligarchy.  Obama calls it "streamlining" the Constitution.  It is his own control he wants to streamline, or that of his globalist masters. 

        The only possible way to keep government on a constitutional tether is for we, the people, to be united in a moral consensus under God.  A morally disunited people are easy pickings for the centralizers.  Building a moral consensus is the job of the Church of God.  We are failing. 

        Yet there is no force on earth which can withstand an intellectually, morally, and spiritually healthy Church.  God holds the high ground on all three, and is inviting the rest of us to join Him there.  Tyrants understand that better than most Christians, and so routinely come after us. 

        Apart from the sovereignty of God, there will be no freedom of conscience.  That is an unalienable right, not given or revokable by civil government.

         We preachers, therefore, must recover (and preach) our Biblical worldview in which God is creator and sovereign, Jesus is King of all kings, Lord of all lords, including over those who are presently and successfully doing what George III was doing some 235 years ago.  It is time again that the Church rose to the occasion.  We need a new Confessing Church -- in the public arena.  It is doable, and, I think, God will not have it any other way.  

         My sermon two weeks ago was on this subject:

and Feb. 12, 2012

Earle Fox, Priest-in-Charge 
St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA

Below is the email from the REC diocese...

Dear DMA Clergy,

Bp. Grote has asked that the following statement issued by Archbishop Duncan on behalf of the ACNA be distributed to all of the clergy in the Diocese of Mid-America.

Anglican Church Stands by Catholics in Pursuit of Freedom of Conscience

Archbishop Duncan Issues Statement Responding to Recent Attack on Religious Liberty

Archbishop Robert Duncan released the following statement in support of the Catholic Church’s fight to maintain freedom of conscience in the midst of the U.S. federal government issuing a preventive care mandate in violation of its teaching.

 “The Anglican Church in North America stands by our Catholic brothers and sisters as followers of Christ in a nation whose Constitution guarantees ‘the free exercise’ of religion.  As Christians, our faith and doctrine are at the very heart of our service to others in our community.  Therefore, it is extremely troubling to see our government mandate services contrary to Catholic Church teaching.  I call on all members of the Anglican Church to stand by our Catholic brothers and sisters, and pray for our elected officials to have the courage to stand up for religious freedom and overturn this mandate,” said Archbishop Duncan.

 Sign the Manhattan Declaration petition to defend religious liberty here:


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Date Posted - 02/11/2012   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012