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Sexualization of girls it's nothing new

[COMMENT:   Read it and weep.  America remains oblivious to the devastation being wrought in our midst.  What, dear reader, are you doing about it?    E. Fox]

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sexualization of girls it's nothing new

Posted: March 13, 2007  1:00 a.m. Eastern 

By Judith Reisman   2007 

Oh, it has been a busy few weeks for American girlhood. On Feb. 2, the Texas governor announced that Texas girls as young as 9 should be vaccinated for the human papillomavirus, an adult venereal disease. On Feb. 19, the American Psychological Association announced that "sexualization of girls" by mass media encourages all sorts of bad behavior and is "harmful to girls"! My! (This according to "Report of the Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls.")

Thirteen days after the APA press release, the New York Times reported that parents who pay about $50,000 a year might see their Harvard, Yale, Boston U, Columbia, etc. daughters posing in and pandering Ivy League pornography. The students often have administrative funds and faculty advisers perhaps some extra credit for fieldwork?

That same March 4 edition of the Times also reported that the recently deceased liberal sociologist Philip Rieff said immorality had been dramatically encouraged by bogus social science. Our ignorant, educated class, said Rieff, rejected religion as "uncivilized" to elevate the "hot, romantic yearning to bring down the roof of civilization."

One example is that privileged women and men get law and such degrees after stripping for advantage. Once in positions of power, such people commonly purge all honest folks in every profession. Those who fight for morality, justice and human dignity must lose their grants, their jobs, their speech. To protect the greedy and corrupt, the moral must be libeled and slandered.

In "Take Back The Night: Women on Pornography" (1980), I documented how Playboy and Penthouse attacked their consumers' morality. I said Playboy would normalize pedophilia:

One favorite technique is to publish photographs of women simulating children, or imitating children and their behavior [especially using] fairytale cartoons. Fairy tales take us back to our childhood. Common themes in Playboy-genre fairytales are the wolf attacking Little Red Riding Hood, The Seven Dwarfs raping Snow White, Goldilocks having sex with Baby Bear, etc. Fairy tales block out objections to rape, molestation and violence by defining the imagery as "fantasy." Most men, if confronted directly with a violent sexual image would reject it and the magazine! The idea is to put these vicious crimes into a context that infers it is "just a joke" or "all in good fun." After all, who can object to a joke except a woman without a sense of humor?

My U.S. Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention study, "Images of Children, Crime & Violence in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler" (1989), quantified the pernicious creation of the woman as child and the child as woman (I called the "pseudo-child"). Playboy was outraged by our study findings. The Playboy adviser, James Petersen, wrote:

Reisman has invented a species called pseudo-child and claims that 792 adults were portrayed as pseudo-children in Playboy. ... Reisman claims that by dressing women as children, we get around the obvious child pornography laws. (Petersen in Playboy, October 1988)

Right. Peterson and Playboy knew that their pseudo-child was deliberate. Remember, Playboy Press posed and "trafficked" a nude, oiled, 10-year-old Brooke Shields in 1975 in their pedophile and sadosexual book "Sugar and Spice." From my DOJ/OJJDP report:

The cover of Playboy (April 1976) was a prototype used to train coders for this "over 18" pseudo-child imagery. The cover shows an adult female, her blonde hair pulled back in hair bow and barrettes, little-girl style. She wears black patent leather Mary Jane shoes and her stuffed animals and dolls surround her in her bedroom's white rocking chair, as she gazes at the reader one pink breast exposed from a pouting child-like posture. Because it is illegal in the United States to display individuals under 18 years of age in graphic sexual scenarios, material often called "hard core" pornography has long employed the "pseudo-child" as a vehicle for [sexual] stimulation.

Playboy cartoons: Pinocchio has sex with his fairy godmother (June 1976); a horrified dad gasps when he sees his infant born as an "eight-pound, ten-ounce tongue" (November 1974); four child angels are drawn in all forms of sex (February 1982). A sleeping 6 to 8-year-old lay naked, face down on Disney nursery rhyme sheets, clutching her Raggedy Anne doll. Playboy voices a violent incest call:

Baby Doll. It's easy to feel paternalistic toward the cuddly type above. Naturally, she digs forceful father figures, so come on strong Big Daddy. (November 1971)

Children have been "scientifically" sexualized since Kinsey's 1948 "Male" report, and pornographically since Playboy's earliest 1954 cartoons. This is over 50 years. Their erotic pollution would spread and result in real nonsexual and sexual abuse of women and children.

Still, the elite feign surprise when Ivy League co-eds strip for attention; when mass media "sexualizes" girls and women; when our sex crime rate rivals our male impotence rate; and when governors force little girls to be vaccinated for adult venereal diseases. Like Rieff said, our elites are educated to "bring down the roof of civilization."

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Dr. Judith Reisman is president of the Institute for Media Education and is the author of "Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences."

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