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 >>Judeo-Christian Faith & Practice <<

Biblical religion is unique, with a worldview all its own, so we have the Judeo-Christian Libraries, including both Christian and Jewish.  Much of the Christian spiritual life would be applicable in Judaism as well.  And, of course, that is because Christianity emerged out of 1st century Judaism.   



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** Reason, Revelation, & Ecclesiastical Authority --  Earle Fox's response to Jane Dixon  (See also The Nature & Limits of Communion by the Rev. Samuel Edwards

** Who is a Christian? - an open letter from Earle Fox to Peter Lee, Episcopal Bishop of Virginia.

Why a Jew Supports Christian America - Don Feder

The Case for Judeo-Christian Values  -- Dennis Prager (Jewish writer)

The End of Time - David Horowitz -- story of his own spiritual life - remarkable.  How many Christians can give an intellectually, morally, and spiritually honest response?

Roman Catholic "Back to Basics"?  news of a retrenchment by the Pope.  The author of the article seems to believe that getting back to the good old days is the way to a healthy Church.  Not the case.  Returning to the old Mass and other decorative changes will have little effect if five things of substance do not happen:  (1) Christians regain their intellectual credibility, (2) Christians learn how to articulate and defend the Biblical worldview, (3) Christians learn how to interpret the Bible in public with reason and grace, (4) Christians learn how to die well. , and (5) Christians reassert their obligation to educate their own children.     

              These four steps will put you well on your way to becoming a spiritual warrior who can stand face to face with the the world presenting Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

              Properly understood, the Mass or the Holy Communion is indeed all about learning how to die a successful death, but it is a terrible error to think that changing the liturgy will itself have a deep effect.  The RC Church had that Latin, ultra-conservative liturgy all through the 19th and most of the 20th century.  Those were the years that the whole of Christendom was collapsing into its present state of infighting and other self-destructive behaviors, not thriving. 

Religion & Public Life in America --  by R. R. Reno, editor of First Things magazine.  One of the best assessments of the issue I have seen.  We are in trouble.   E. Fox  

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