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The Christian faith has been the foundation of Western Civilization.  It is now all but disappearing as a functioning faith in the West.  There are strong signs of renewal showing up, but it will be a long, hard pull before Christianity becomes a living force in the West again.  Pray for that day. 

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** from God: a Bargain You Cannot Refuse...     a parable - E. Fox

** An Open Letter to the Episcopal leadership ---  When will we take the battle to the enemy rather than they always to us???   E. Fox  

** End Game --  Western Civ. is being checkmated.  There is no turning back.  We must work through the consequences of our own sin, and, under the law and grace of God, get prepared to rebuild a new Christendom. 

** The Tragic & Disastrous Failure of Western Christendom --  and what lies ahead....   E. Fox 

** Four Levels of Christian Unity -- and the Way There --  E. Fox     How can Christians approach the disunity in the Church with hope of reunifying?  How can people anywhere successfully seek unity?  Read Jesus' prayer for unity in John 17.

** The "Emerging Christianity" -- critique by Berit Kjos  (and E. Fox) 

The Lord of the World --  link to article by Dennis Cuddy -- on potential influence of Benedict XVI against the "new world order" crowd.   An eye-opener.  I believe that Cuddy is not a Roman Catholic, but I hope that he is on target regarding the new Pope. 

Newsweek & the Rioters  -- Dennis Prager -  insights into "Muslim" & "liberal"  personalities -- regarding Newsweek blunder about Americans flushing pages of Koran down toilet.  

Mary: Grace & Hope in Christ - Samuel Edwards on new Anglican/Roman Catholic document

Roman Catholic Cardinal rejects "Intelligent Design"  --   (He badly misinterprets it...) 

Christianity & the Rise of Freedom -- Chuck Colson on Rodney Stark's book, The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom...

Slouching Toward Suicide --  Joseph D'Hippolito on the Roman Catholic Church and Islam.  Is the RC Church up to the task?  

The Jewish Case for "Merry Christmas"  --  Don Feder 

IN THE NAME OF JESUS, Anno Domini 2007 --  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  
The "Happy New Year" greeting, like "Have a good day!", is a bit like a shot in the dark, or an "I hope the best for you...," where hope has not much substance in reality.  Most people will experience the same ol' same ol'.  Not much different from the previous procession of days and years.  But in Christ, there is a substance to the wish, a solid promise of the two basic requirements of a good life:  first, ontological security, security of being, and second, moral stability, direction, purpose, and meaning in one's life.  With those two securities, one can deal with anything. 

Youth Ministry Stunner in Gatlinburg -- Would you believe----?   "There were no BMX demonstrations, no rock bands, no dancing girls, no smoke machines, and no gross-out games. In a move that would horrify most modern day youth experts, the sponsor of this youth event lined up pastors and teachers to do something that is increasingly rare -- preach the Word of God to teenagers. At this conference there were also some people present who have been marginalized right out of most youth ministry today parents."  
     Yes! and you can bet this could take off.  Thousands of young folks are HUNGRY for something substantial, and fed up to the gills with the silly froth handed out to them.   E. Fox  

Pope Baptizes Muslim -- Life in danger.   He tells story of conversion.    Will the Pope and other Christians stand openly with Allam, who has put his life at risk to stand openly in his Christian faith, and gracefully and truthfully expose the deceit and violence of radical Islam for what it is???   Will moderate Muslims publicly support this man's free choice of religion, and openly condemn terrorism?  Who among us will put our lives at risk for the same precious freedom ordered under the law and grace of God?  

The Coming Evangelical Collapse - Michael Spencer --

Religion & Public Life in America --  by R. R. Reno, editor of First Things magazine.  One of the best assessments of the issue I have seen.  We are in trouble.   E. Fox  

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