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>> Inner Healing & Psychology <<

The connection between the spiritual life and emotional healing is a subject not well known -- despite the influences of the charismatic renewal of the 1960's through the 1980's.  Most clergy are only vaguely aware either of the wealth of information provided by secular psychology or of how knowledge of the spiritual life immensely deepens what secular wisdom has to give us.  And almost nobody is aware that the Bible has its own unique psychology and anthropology.  The study of such things was left to secular folks, so they have stolen a march on us of over a century. 

One result of this is that the Church has done little to promote the spiritual and emotional healing ministry.  We must change that if we are to have a credible message for the 21st century. 

For example, the role of feelings and relationships (that feelings are perceptions of relationships -- discussed in depth in Biblical Inner Healing), is hardly understood anywhere.  Any good feeling can drift toward being addictive if we separate good feelings from Godly, healthy relationships. 

Below are items which we hope will assist in that direction: 
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** Biblical Inner Healing - Book by Earle Fox
a comprehensive reconciliation of Biblical theology and spirituality with the honest science available from the field of psychology.  This book is scheduled next (as soon as the Road to Emmaus==>> website is up and running) to be prepared for paperback publication.   

        The Bible has its own unique "psychology", i.e., understanding of human nature, which can withstand the best tests science can throw at it, far better than any other theory of human nature -- on both a theoretical and practical level.  The true test of the theoretical, after all, is the practical.  Does the theory help us understand and live in reality? 

** Freud & Religion - a Psycho-Historical Reality-Check   - Book by Earle Fox
This was first written as a thesis during my last semester at the Episcopal General Theological Seminary in New York City in the spring of 1960.  It asks the question:  If we go by the evidence -- was Freud's critique valid that religion is a neurosis, a neurotic defense against reality?  Or does the evidence turn the tables on Freud, indicating that perhaps secularism is out of touch with basic reality, and that Biblical religion is the way to objective reality?  

** Secret societies and the ritual abuse.   Discretion advised.  Extended commentary by E. Fox. 

** Play, Work, & God --  Play can be serious business.   Many of our children are not learning how to play.  That means they can never mature into adults. 

Website for a Biblical Psychology --  (Institute for Psychological Sciences -- Roman Catholic) 

Hierarchy of Needs -- Abraham Maslow --  one of the founders of humanistic psychology. 

Websites for AA - http://www.dickb.com/index.shtml  and  http://www.dickb-blog.com showing the Christian roots of AA. 

TV Show Turns Trollops into Genteel Ladies ---   Amazing evidence on power of imagination and inner healing 

Christian Counseling Degree -- 

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