5 Decisions to be the Real Me

This page begins an explanation of the Christian spiritual life -- five decisions which we all must make, like it or not, which we will make, well or poorly, and which, if made well, will lead to wholeness in body, mind, and spirit.   These decisions were originally formulated while being chaplain and teacher at Becket Academy in East Haddam, Connecticut, a school for troubled junior and senior high-schoolers (no longer functioning).  These five decisions are discussed in detail in Biblical Inner Healing

Explanations will be added as time allows....   E. Fox 


1. To seek the truth at any cost to myself:


2. To find that which is dependable and to rest there the whole weight of my being:


3. To take personal responsibility for my own actions, reactions, attitudes, and thoughts.


4. To seek my purpose for existence, and to follow it at any cost to myself:


5. To be a lover of souls.



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