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>> Prayer <<

Spiritual Life;   Spiritual Warfare

Prayer, conversation with God, is the life-blood of the spiritual journey.  We find God only by continually seeking to stay in open personal relationship with Him -- trust and obey. 



The Church Year of Prayer

A Gender Prayer

** Lex orandi - Lex credendi  --   Prayers for our national life -- a lesson in Godly politics.   Prayer is not an optional extra for Christians.  Comment by E. Fox.  


Suggestions for Prayer Time

1. If your prayers do not emanate from your heart, they probably will not touch the heart of God.

2. If your prayers do not come from rigorous Bible reading and study, they probably will not represent the mind of God.

3. Do not pray for anything for which you would not be willing to dedicate your life, your fortune, and your sacred honor -- should God ask you. This would be your mission.

4. Ask God to break your heart with the things that break His.

5. Personal prayer is honest, candid, no-holds-barred conversation with God. Like Jacob, Job, and others, have your fights with God and tell it like you see it, but then give Him equal time to tell it like He sees it. (As in, "Come, lets us reason together...")

6. An honest fight with God is a prerequisite for entry into the Kingdom. It will happen in our own personal Good Friday experiences.

7. The cross is a death-warrant. One of two things will happen in our Good Fridays: either we will allow Jesus to crucify our sins, or we will again crucify Him. That is the fight.

8. Only as we go through our Good Fridays to Easter, the Ascension, and Pentecost are we prepared for the spiritual warfare around us. Only then can we meaningfully pray for our enemies and bring down the works of the devil.

9. Mature worship and prayer is the fundamental work of the Church -- bringing ourselves & the burdens of the world before the throne of our Father. This Way of the Cross is hard work, but yields the power, authority, and personal presence (God in us, and we out in the world) that makes everything else work rightly.

10. Prayer does not "work", God does. It is all about personal relationship.


A Prayer for Binding the Enemy and His Allies

(If praying directly for and with another person, always have at least two prayers, one of which must be the same sex as the person for whom you are praying.  If there are signs of demonic activity, at least one of the prayers should be an ordained clergyman trained in spiritual warfare.)

I bind unto myself the Strong Name of the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God in Three Personae, Eternal Creator of all that Is, Eternal Sovereign over all that Is, Eternal Center of all space, Eternal Now of all Time, Eternal Yes to all Good, Eternal No to all Evil. I unite my prayers to those of all the saints of all the ages.

In the name of the Father, & of the Son, & of the Holy Spirit---

I bind you, Satan, and all of your helpers, in the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, & in the Nether-world [occult depersonalized version of the cosmic elements], & in all the True Elements and Combinations of Creation -- Persons, Relationships, Communities, the Kingdom of God [the Godly version of reality] -- from the Pits of Hell to the Pinnacles of Heaven. I bind off from inter-communication all assisting & supporting evil spirits in this room, in or around this building or property. (Name specific places necessary to situation.)

(Command target spirits to reveal names and attributes.) I command all demonic spirits relevant to <situation> to give your names and attributes. (Ask the Holy Spirit for discernment, & write them down.) <Name> I bind you and your attributes (name them) your Hexes, Curses, & all evil deeds, your Deceits & Rebellions (list all relevant occult and other sinful activities you are aware of) which I send back to you -- with the Word of God: The word of -- 1. Truth; 2. Trust in God for Personal Stability; 3. Living in the Light; 4. Obedience to our Sovereign & His Reason for our Existence; & 5. the enduring Kingdom Plateau of Faith, Love, & Hope -- living by Grace.

I bind you Singularly and Severally, Powerless & Silent to the Feet of Jesus.

I bind you from Colluding, Cooperating, or Interacting, from Retaliating in any manner against Myself (or Ourselves), my Family, Friends, Acquaintances, my Work and Ministry, the People for whom I have Prayed or Meet today, the Whole of Creation. (List particular persons you may want to protect.)

Father in Heaven, I ask You to protect myself & all
persons with & for whom I (we) have prayed, to fill
with Your Holy Spirit those places vacated by unholy spirits,
to bring repentance, healing, discernment, & faithfulness in all of our lives.
Arm and equip us for retaking the whole of creation,
to be restored under Your sustaining power & sovereign authority,
to Your honor & glory, & to our Salvation. AMEN

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