Ambridge Area Prayer Networker

Sponsored by the Ambridge Ministerium

"The community that prays together, stays together."

Prayer concerns dealing with the spiritual and public life of the Ambridge area
are gathered from clergy, town leaders, and private citizens.
See below for further information.



April 1998 Issue


Prayer Hints: 1. Prayer is not to change God's mind, but first to bring ourselves under His will.
2. Do not pray for anything that you would not be willing to work for -- if God should ask you.
3. Spend a lot of time listening.

4. Pray for personal integrity, candor, honesty, love of fellow man, and a Godly educated conscience on the part of leaders and citizens:

It is assumed that citizens will disagree on particular issues, but it is also understood that as we submit our personal and often conflicting agendas to God, that God can draw us into a unity which could never be formed by ourselves alone. Our first concern is to pray, each according to our own tradition, for a common spirit of truth-seeking and of mutual love and respect -- and only then to address the particular issues of public policy and living together.

"If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive
their sin and heal their land."
(II Chronicles 7:14)




(1) For construction of play areas for youth in town, especially efforts to build the playground, and by the Ambridge Forum to establish youth centers possibly at the Dominion Baptist Church and/or the Divine Redeemer facility.
(2) For a growth of understanding of the true constitutional relation between church and state so that honest and Godly democracy may be restored and strengthened.
(3) For the rental of storerooms and warehouses for viable businesses that can also provide employment. For businesses to flourish and the people to prosper.
(4) For Ambridge Forum monthly meetings, a vision for how to bring business, education, religion, and politics back into harmony as the Bible mandates.  
(5) For the coming countywide program on "Government" in August, a renewed understanding of American government, and the possibility of a "Year of the Constitution" theme in Ambridge schools and public affairs.



(1) For guidance for the planning commission as it discusses business zoning in the Economy Village area.
(2) Thanksgiving for new lighting in the Economy Village area.
(3) For positive attitudes on the Council and willingness to communicate openly and with mutual respect.
(4) For resolution to Ambridge financial problems.
(5) For a positive participation in public affairs by Ambridge residents.



(1) For new strategies in dealing with crime, especially for the Crime Watch program, for faithful citizen volunteers, for cooperation between police and citizens.
(2) For funding for increased police staff.
(3) Safety of firemen, police officers, and their families, ability to handle stress of job, and to communicate effectively with the public.


(1) For wisdom concerning the school curriculum for next year, especially in the relation between Ambridge and the State Dept. of Education and issues of local control.
(2) For mutually helpful resolution to lawsuit facing school district.
(3) Thanksgiving for student led Bible studies in both the junior and senior high schools.
(4) For continued smooth and cooperative attitudes among school board directors and cooperation with the Superintendent and staff.
(5) Sensitivity and effectiveness among teachers and staff.
(6) Openness on part of the School Board to hear and discuss citizen views.
(7) For good health for all.



(1) For spiritual outreach onto the streets.
(2) For fruitful discussion of a possible "released time" program in cooperation with the school district for religious education.
(3) For the Rev. James Kunkel, the new pastor at Good Samaritan Church.
(4) For awareness of and sensitivity to community issues.
(5) For growth of prayer groups which will take the concerns of the town as an intentional part of their prayer life.
(6) That the spiritual life promoted will lead to strong, self-governing citizens under the law and grace of God.
(7) Search for new pastors at Zion's Lutheran Church and at the Christian Missionary & Alliance Church.
(8) For clergy to participate fully in the Ministerium as it seeks to help restore Biblical spirituality in the Ambridge area through conversations with town leaders.
(9) For cooperation among churches and pastors across denominational, racial, and ethnic lines.



Mayor: George Kyrargyros -- Borough Council: President Michael Mikulich & council members -- Police Dept: Chief David Sabol & officers -- Fire Dept: Chief David Drewnowski & fire fighters -- Schools: Superintendent Samuel DePaul -- School Board: President & board members -- Principals: Frank McClard, Richard Wellendorf, Jesse McGee, Emily Semonik, Regis Mullen, Roy Grimes -- All Faculty and Staff. All Clergy. All Business Leaders.



Items dealing with the spiritual and public life of the Ambridge area are gathered from clergy, civic and business leaders, and private citizens.

Clergy and others please duplicate and pass out to parish prayer groups and other interested parties, and recommend the Prayer Network from the pulpit or other appropriate place. Format designed to copy on two sides, cut in half, and insert in a parish bulletin.

Updates on prayer concerns would be appreciated -- i.e., if an item is no longer of concern, or a prayer has been answered. Information should be sent to the Rev. Earle Fox, 718 Maplewood Ave., Ambridge. Email: efox@theRoadtoEmmaus.org    Tel: 724 266-8188.

The list will be sent out and posted on the ROAD to EMMAUS electronic bulletin board and WebSite (http://theRoadtoEmmaus.org -- dial in via modem 724 266-1517), and sent to clergy, town officials, prayer groups, or others who desire. Persons with websites are encouraged to post links to the Ambridge Prayer Page (http://theRoadtoEmmaus.org/prayer/prayers.htm)

NOTE: a volunteer would be appreciated who can give about 3 hours per month to typing, running off, and distributing the prayer Networker. Call the Rev. Earle Fox at 266-8188 if you can offer that time.


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