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The Christian spiritual life is not so much about climbing great heights as it is about the redemption of the ordinary, finding God in our back yard, in our common relationships.   Perfection is not leaping to the ceiling and sticking there, it is standing squarely with both feet on the ground, learning to be the person God created me to be. 

The spiritual life is about learning to be creatures rather than independent, autonomous decision-makers (the secular/pagan goal of life).  The only place creatures can live is in creation.   So the spiritual life is learning how to live in creation, to be successful creatures.  

"If you do not believe in miracles, you are not a realist...!"  --  From a friend.  Yes,  indeed.   See PEG






Holy Week

Resurrection Day (Easter)

On Dying Well

Sermons by Earle Fox


Christianity;   Prayer;   Church Year

Spiritual warfare, which has its own library, is one segment of the spiritual life.


** God is showing up...  E. Fox 

** Roller Coaster Ride -- my trip to Connecticut

** from God: a Bargain You Cannot Refuse...     a parable

** Lex orandi - Lex credendi  --   Prayers for our national life -- a lesson in Godly politics.   See also the Prayer Library.  Prayer is not an optional extra for Christians.  Comment by E. Fox.  

** The Rise of Christianity - comment on Rodney Stark's book by E. Fox  

** Penthouse, the Minutemen, & the Best of all Possible...   E. Fox Sermon 

** The Evolution of Justice -- a sermon by E. Fox at the Mustard Tree  9/25/05     How do we resolve the tensions between freewill, compassion, and justice? 

** Salvation, the Church, & the State ---  a sermon preached at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA. 

** The Tragic & Disastrous Failure of Western Christendom --  and what lies ahead....   E. Fox 

** The Labyrinth & the Bible --  Turning the tables on Satan....    E. Fox 

** Good & Evil -- Right & Wrong -- & Pragmatism --     E. Fox    Sorting out the collapse of moral language  --  and discovering that God is the Original Pragmatist.  

** Putting TRUTH ahead of GOD  --   Do we have a conflict here???    E. Fox 

** Vigorous Fellowship in the Body of Christ --  How do we speak the hard truth in love to one another?     E. Fox  

** Does God command a behavior because the behavior is good, or, does the behavior become good because God commands it? 

** Spiritual Growth Requires Spiritual Freedom -- an email exchange with family.   E. Fox   

** Play, Work, & God --  Play can be serious business.   Many of our children are not learning how to play.  How can that be in an age which rejects serious work on almost every level?  It means they can never mature into adults.   Also included.... "Why I am Leaving 'Guyland'"

** Earle Fox was Interviewed on the Gregg Jackson radio talk show Sunday 9 pm
http://www.kdar.com:80/  Click on "Listen Live" at top.  For INTRO to interview; to hear INTERVIEW.  

** Four Levels of Christian Unity -- and the Way There --  E. Fox     How can Christians approach the disunity in the Church with hope of reunifying?  How can people anywhere successfully seek unity?  Read Jesus' prayer for unity in John 17.

** Passing on our Faith & Heritage <- Sermon Audio Version.  July 11, 2010  Why we Christians are losing 85% of our children to secularism and paganism -- and how to change that...  Printed Version.   E. Fox  

** Transfiguration by Light <- Audio Version.  The Transfiguration of Jesus is aimed at our transfiguration so that we might shine with a holy Light.  Printed Version.   August 8, 2010  Sermon, E. Fox. 

** The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive  <- Audio Version - August 15, 2010  What does "fully alive" mean, and how does that affect our relationship with God?   Printed Version - E. Fox Sermon. 

** Blessed Assurance....  <-Audio Version.  How can we find assurance that we are saved?  How can we know that the Gospel is true?  For ME?    Sermon, E. Fox  Printed Version  August 29, 2010 

** The Contemplative Spiritual Life vs. the Active Missionary Life.  E. Fox   

** The Fear of Truth-Seeking & Truth-Speaking -- the loss of a most precious freedom. 

** Pietistic or Sacramental? <Audio.  Printed.  "Pietism", limiting Christian faith to the personal and private and excluding the public arena (government, industry, commerce, etc.), is a heresy, not true Christianity.  It has all but destroyed the Christian presence in the public arena, in defiance of the sovereignty of God over all things.  True Christianity makes itself known in every facet of life.   E. Fox sermon - Mar. 11, 2012


The Charles Schultz Philosophy -- 

IN THE NAME OF JESUS, Anno Domini 2007 --  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  
The "Happy New Year" greeting, like "Have a good day!", is a bit like a shot in the dark, or an "I hope the best for you...," where hope has not much substance in reality.  Most people will experience the same ol' same ol'.  Not much different from the previous procession of days and years. 
        But in Christ, there is a substance to the wish, a solid promise of the two basic requirements of a good life -- the two foundations of salvation:  first, ontological security, security of being, and second, moral stability, direction, purpose, and meaning in one's life.  With those two securities, one can deal with anything. 

When all the forces of Sai Nippon surrendered to the Allies aboard the battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay, Douglas MacArthur spoke these words which were beamed to the American homeland.  They are not as famous as "I shall return," the  "Old soldiers never die" speach to Congress, or the "Duty, honor, country" motif of his final address at West Point -- but they are relevant nevertheless to us today: 
     "Men since the beginning of time have sought peace, but military alliances, balances of power, leagues of nations, all in turned failed, leaving only the path to be by the way of the crucible of war...  We have had our last chance.  If we do not now devise some greater and more equitable system, Amageddon will be at our door.  The problem is basically theological and invokes a spiritual recrudescence...  It must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh." 
           Thank God for Douglas MacArthur -- but the answer, as he indirectly suggests, is a person -- Jesus Christ, not a "more equitable system".  Jesus alone can give us the more equitable system.  Only the living God can turn us around.  We will never do it ourselves.  That is a
impossibility.  If we do not get an understanding of the logic of being dependent persons, we will probably not see the sense of submitting ourselves to the law and grace of God.  A dependent person, by definition, cannot save himself.  He must find that upon which he can safely depend.  Other than God, there is no realistic choice. 

Two websites on sacramental warfare -- the flesh and the spirit must battle together
              http://www.hardenedstructures.com/  Also see www.calearth.com.

Two Stories - Tom and Karla

Jesus' Visit -- a parable. 

St. Chrysostom's Resurrection Day Sermon  

Christian Classics Ethereal Library -- link to a resource for early Christian history and thought

Christianity & the 12 Steps (from AA)

God, Freewill, & the Dialogue of Creation - Almighty Power stops short at our freewill and consciousness.    A testimony on receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Mary: Grace & Hope in Christ - Fr. Samuel Edwards on new Anglican/Roman Catholic document

Where are all the Men??? --  not in churches, but why?? 

Keep Playing.... Humor or reality???  A child on stage with Paderewski. 

The Passion & the Talmud  by Terry Mattingly  --   an Orthodox Jewish view on the "Passion of the Christ"

A Talk on Pain - Marjorie Avery -  Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA 

On Loving God -- St. Bernard of Clairvaux ...

Be ye angry and sin not.... 

TV Show Turns Trollops into Genteel Ladies ---   Amazing evidence on power of imagination and inner healing 

Youth Ministry Stunner in Gatlinburg -- Would you believe----?   "There were no BMX demonstrations, no rock bands, no dancing girls, no smoke machines, and no gross-out games. In a move that would horrify most modern day youth experts, the sponsor of this youth event lined up pastors and teachers to do something that is increasingly rare--preach the Word of God to teenagers. At this conference there were also some people present who have been marginalized right out of most youth ministry today—parents."  
     Yes! and you can bet this will take off.  Thousands of young folks are HUNGRY for something substantial, and fed up to the gills with the silly froth handed out to them.   E. Fox  

Little White Excuses -- Rev. Jesse Lee Paterson -- the hard word from a Black to Whites -- "Get honest with us!". 

The Secret Curse of Hollywood "Stars" -- David Kupelian.    Kupelian is one of the best Christian writers in the public arena.  May his tribe increase. 

The Man who 'Murdered' Slavery --  Mark Steyn & Eric Metaxas.

Patton on Prayer -- Prayer in the trenches -- from WW II.   And thoughts on prayer from one of the best generals. 

John Rankin -  apologist  -  His testimony....  

Eternal Questions: on Heaven & Hell -- Why do people go to hell -- from an Orthodox perspective -- and right in line with C. S. Lewis in his book,  The Great Divorce.  PDF file 

Shay Day -- What would you have done?   

An 11-day Motherboard / Software Saga -- About 2 weeks ago (3/31/08), I tried Registry Booster, a software for cleaning up your Windows Registry, and it caused severe problems (beware of people who think they can fix your registry - several of my applications stopped working). 
        In the process of fixing that, restoring the whole C: harddrive from a backup file (a long story not worth telling), the Motherboard BIOS got corrupted.  It was an old Mb, and the BIOS was not "flashable", so I got a new one which runs much faster.  But then when I tried to restore again from the same backup files (of which I had about ten on a different harddrive, going back several months), it turned out that all the backup files but one, the earliest (with just XP and a few applications on it), had gotten corrupted also.  All this took several days to get straightened out, but things gradually got back in shape, and my harddrive is just about completed again with all software reinstalled (about a 3-day job). 
        Lesson:  backup, backup, backup -- on a different harddrive.  I did, but even then, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray..." (Thank you Robert Burns -- I think).   The Lord has used such events with my computer more than once to test my patience and trust in Him, and to teach me that I can stand even when the world seems to be crashing -- on my head.  Deo Gratia!   Back in the saddle again...!  More fully committed to Jesus... 
        He keeps reminding me that He has me right where I need to be to do my growing.   Yikes!  But knowing that will turn any event, no matter how bad, into a growing situation rather than a disaster.   Spiritual warfare...  is for turning the tide back against the Enemy, whose primary weapons are deceit and self-condemnation (vs. Jesus' primary weapons -- truth, forgiveness, and salvation).   With Jesus, there is nothing that can make you lose.  You, in the end, always win through to stability and sanity and purpose.  Most of spiritual warfare is fought in the trenches of one's own personal life. 

Stewardship & a Fallen Comrade Ceremony -- Randy King

Home: Seeing the Everyday -- Home, Family, & Holy Trinity, the beginning and end of all things.   See Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women for summary of man- & womanhood. 

Common Sense FreeMarket Spirituality

On Christian Selfhood --  John Eldredge --  Comment E Fox  ---  to be read by all Christians.... 

The Power of Redeemed Fatherhood --  Easy Eddie and Butch O'Hare. 

Is this a SIN?   How would you like to get this message from your mother??? 

The Generosity of America - (PDF file) Adam Meyerson speaking at Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI.  An extraordinary summary of the place which freemarket human generosity holds in the life and spirituality of America.  

Nick Vujicic  -- "life without limbs..."   Yes.  See it.  And rejoice.

Curtis Martin - Hall of Fame Speech -- a winner out of poverty and tragedy.  Deo gratia!  

A wonderful, beautiful article on Einstein, Science, & God - at the American Right to Life website.    

R. J. Rushdoony - Biblical View of "Vocation & Work" -- a good read.  

The LandFillHarmonic Orchestra -  Absolutely stunning and very moving.  The best from those at the very bottom of the world's list. 

Kate Smith introduces "God Bless America..."   A beautiful woman with a beautiful voice -- the best voice in America, said Frank Sinatra.  I remember her well.    E. Fox  

Christmas - (see Church Year)

Evangelism - "the best commercial" 

Commands, Promises, & Spiritual Renewal  <- Audio.   Printed Version   The whole of the Gospel message is about the powerful renewal in the Holy Spirit - Pentecost.  Those who do not catch on to that truth will remain in the backwaters of spiritual growth and maturity.  Sermon,  Sept. 25, 2011  

Lent - (see Church Year)

** Preparation for Lent <- Audio.  Printed Version  Sermon beginning a discussion of the nature of sin for Pre-Lenten season.   Feb. 20, 2011.   

Nick Vujicic  -- "life without limbs..."   Yes.  See it.  And rejoice.

On Dying Well  

** Dying a Successful Death -- Palm Sunday sermon by Earle Fox. 

** Over His dead body....  commentary by E. Fox  on essay by Anthony Esolen in Touchstone Magazine

** Meditation on Death at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier  --  E. Fox

** Astonishing account of 800 martyrs at the hands of Islam --   800 men of Otranto, who knew how to die well --- Italy, 1480 AD, probably saving Rome from capture by the Muslims.    E. Fox commentary. 

** The Amish and the Cross Life --  What happened there in Lancaster, Pennsylvania?  Commentary - E. Fox. 

** Abraham... Take Your Only Son....   <- Audio Version.  Sermon July 18, 2010.  What can we make of such a request from God to a father....?   Printed Version.  E. Fox. 

** The Beatitudes & the Saints <-Audio   All Saints Day Sermon - What does it mean to be a "saint"?  Maybe some surprises...    Printed Version - Nov. 6, 2011 

** The Fall - the Death of Relationship Reality <Audio - Life is about relationships.  You take only your relationships with you when you exit this earth.  The Fall is about the death of those relationships -- necessarily so.    Printed Version.  Sermon E. Fox   June 26, 2011  

** The Fear of Truth-Seeking & Truth-Speaking -- the loss of a most precious freedom. 

What a Letter!!!  Jets over Sun City, AZ    Air Force Officer responds to "noise" of fighter jets over Phoenix / Sun City.  

Jesus' Visit -- a parable. 

Resurrection Day (Easter) - (see Church Year)

Water from His Side -- by Edward John Craig -- National Review Online -- an extraordinary essay on the water flowing from Jesus' side at His death on the cross. 

Sermons by Earle Fox (For full list by date -- See Audio/Video Page)

...Who brings good tidings of Good, who Publishes Salvation.  <-Audio Version -- Sermon at St. Luke's REC 10/18/09 -- celebrating St. Luke's Day & the ministry of Luke.   Printed Version -- Earle Fox 

Loving that which Thou doest Command....  <- Audio Version.  Why do we resent the commands of God when they are only for our good?   Sermon, E. Fox  Printed Version September 5, 2010 

Why is it So Hard to See God? <- Audio Version  God tells us to "seek His face", why is it so difficult and what can we do about it?  Sermon, E. Fox - Printed Version - September 19, 2010 

Why the Commandments are for our Good - <- Audio Version.  The commandments are part of the grace of God, not contrary to grace.  They become contrary only when we do not have a personal relationship with the Law Giver.  Printed Version.  September 26, 2010    E. Fox  

Without Thee, We are Unable to Please Thee <- Audio Version.  Why, without God's help, can we not please Him?  The nature of the Fall and of Salvation.  Printed Version - E. Fox    October 10, 2010

Our Sacramental Nature -  <-Audio Version - Our bodies are outward & visible signs of our inward & spiritual souls -- a watershed which distinguishes Biblical religion from all others.  Printed Version - October 17, 2010 

Sainthood - Biblical or Pagan?  <-Audio    Biblical Sainthood is Quite Different from that of Paganism....     Printed Version   All Saints Day Sermon, E. Fox     November 7, 2010 

The "Comings" of God <-Audio.  God comes into the lives of men -- bridging the illusory chasm between the spiritual and the material.  Printed Version. Sermon, E. Fox, Advent I, November 28, 2010 

God - a Loving Person, not an Abstraction -  a meditation on the two Comings of Christ --  Printed Version - Advent III, December 12, 2010    

'Justified'...  What's That???  & Who Needs It???  <- Audio.  What is the meaning of 'justification', why we need it, and who can supply it?  E. Fox Sermon Christmas 2 - Printed Version - Jan 2, 2011

The Acts of St. Luke's <- Audio.   What kind of commitment must a parish have to be effective for the Lord?   E. Fox sermon - Printed Version.   Jan. 9, 2011

Reason & Revelation Welded Back to Back - on the Offensive <- Audio.  The union of reason and revelation, the two edges of the Sword of the Spirit - an invincible weapon.   Sermon, E. Fox    Jan 6, 2011  Printed Version

Why is the Law of God So GOOD?  <- Audio.   Is the law of God arbitrary, mean-spirited?  or is it the law of freedom and grace?    Sermon E. Fox.  Jan. 30, 2011Printed Version

Material Stones & Spiritual Stones <-Audio.  a Theology of Buildings & Worship - Sermon, E. Fox (NOT YET AVAILABLE) - Feb. 6, 2011 - Printed Version 

The Ground of Your Heart & the Power of Sin - meditation on the parable of the seeds.  Printed Version Feb. 27, 2011 

Faithful, Loving, & Hopeful - What does that Mean for Us? <- Audio.   Preparation for Lent.   Printed Version.  Sermon E. Fox   -   Mar 6, 2011 

Born Again <- Audio.  How fathering and mothering is the core of our identity, and our being made in the Image of God.  Start of a Lenten series on the basics of Christian faith.  (Next Sunday, "Justification by faith").  Printed Version.  Sermon E. Fox   Mar. 13, 2011   

Justification by Faith Alone <- Audio.   What is 'justification', and why 'alone'???  2nd Lenten sermon on Salvation.  (Next week, Why Jesus Had to Die)   Printed Version.  E. Fox  Mar 20, 2011     

"I Am With You..."  the Mothering Gift <- Audio.  How gender is an essential aspect of God in the Bible.  By implication, how the Bible redefines the whole meaning of sex and gender.   Sermon - E. Fox  Printed Version.   Mar. 27, 2011 

Why Jesus had to die... <- Audio.   What was the point of the killing of the only innocent person ever?  E. Fox sermon - Printed Version.    Apr. 3, 2011

The Price Jesus Paid <- Audio.  There was a price.  It was demanded.  And it was paid.  Why so?  And what did that accomplish?  There are surprises.  Printed Version.  E. Fox Sermon   Apr. 10, 2011

Dying Well <- Audio.  Palm Sunday Sermon -- Why Jesus went to the cross - to teach us how to die well.   Printed VersionApr. 17, 2011 

I'm Coming Back! <- Audio.  Resurrection Day Sermon - on the Sudarium and the Shroud of Turin, and why they are important.   E. Fox  Printed Version.   Apr. 24, 2011.   

Called to Witness <- Audio.   Easter II sermon, the calling of the disciples to be apostles, witnesses to the unbelievers -- with truth & grace.   E. Fox   Printed version.    May 1, 2011

The Good Shepherd <- Audio.   A trip through today's Scriptures: Psalm 23, Isaiah 40:1-11, 1 Peter 2:19-25, John 10:11-16.  E. Fox (No printed version.)    May 8, 2011  

Finding our Way to Holy Communion <-Audio.  Holy Communion at the altar is meant to produce a holy community out in the world -- Printed Version July 17, 2100  

...the Time of Thy Visitation - & Believing from the inside-out  <-Audio.  The tragedy of not knowing the day of your visitation by the Lord, and the two ways we can know that day.  Printed Version.  Sermon E. Fox.  August 28,2011 

The Power to be Merciful <-Audio.   Why has the fallen world not the power to be merciful?  And why does God have that power?  Sermon, E. Fox   Printed Version Sept. 4, 2011

What is Truth? and How do we Know It? <-Audio.  The Vital Question facing Judeo-Christians today.  Sermon  Printed Version Sept. 11, 2011.   

Be Like Your Father in Heaven Above...  <-Audio.  The power and beauty of being made in the Image of God.  Scary, and powerful.  Can we risk getting that close to God?  Sermon.  Printed Version Sept. 18, 2011

Commands, Promises, & Spiritual Renewal  <- Audio. Printed Version  The whole of the Gospel message is about the powerful renewal in the Holy Spirit - Pentecost.  Those who do not catch on to that truth will remain in the backwaters of spiritual growth and maturity.  Sermon,  Sept. 25, 2011  

...and All These Things Shall Be Added unto You   <-Audio.   The promises and the commands of God lead to the same goal - the Kingdom.  Why do we so seldom vigorously follow either of them?  And what is added unto us when we do?   Sermon Oct. 2, 2011.   

Faith, Love, & Hope - the 3 which endure <-Audio.  Printed version.  Law & grace - creation & redemption - faith,. love, and hope.  How do these fit together?   Feb. 19, 2012 

Receiving the Glory <-Audio.  Printed Version.  Testimony on the negative effects of "the Glory of God" and transformation of that Glory to wholeness and righteousness Mar. 4, 2012

We bind unto ourselves today the strong name of the Trinity....   <-Audio.  Printed.  Final sermon at St. Luke's REC.  The end of an era for many of us.  How can we separate with truth and grace?  Apr. 29, 2012.  

The Calling of Jesus - to Unite Heaven & Earth -   <- Printed (no audio). Both the pagan and secular worlds fail to unite the physical with the spiritual.  Only the Biblical world does that.  That single difference puts the Biblical world far ahead of either the secular or pagan worlds.  Sermon - Feb. 3, 2013  For full list of sermons by date, see Audio/Video Page 

Cross My Heart & Hope to Die....! <-Audio (coming)  Printed.  How does God show that He means business with His promises???  See Genesis 15:6-18.  Sermon Lent 2, Feb. 24, 2013

Being, Doing, & Salvation <- Printed version (no audio).  Why is the distinction between being and doing so important in understanding the nature of salvation?    Sermon, Earle Fox Aug. 11, 2013 

Thanksgiving - (see US History & Church Year)

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