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Stewardship & a Fallen Comrade Ceremony

[COMMENT:  Randy King was a friend at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Bladensburg, MD, when I was helping out there a few years ago.  Randy was a ready helper.  When I asked him to help me load my truck for a move from Alexandria, VA, where I had lived for 6 years, there was not a moment of hesitation in saying "Yes."  He did a yoeman's job. 

It appears that he still is.  There is a powerful connection between stewardship of our belongings and of our lives. 

The first paragraph below is the end of his stewardship letter to the parish from Afghanistan where he is doing duty.  The second part was a PS to that letter.     E. Fox]

I pray I've met my goal, which was to provoke thought about Christian stewardship....  God has gifted us everything that we own, every resource at our disposal, both as individuals and as a Church family.  Armed with God's bounty, we each go on a journey of discovery as we seek His will, how He means for us to serve Him best with these gifts He has given us.  I pray for you during your journey of discovery, and ask your prayers for me as my journey continues as well. 

God willing, I will see you all again in October!  May God bless all of you.

Randy King
Vestry Member


PS.  Attended my first "Fallen Comrade" ceremony at 0545 this morning (the BIG VOICE started announcing it at 0400).  That is when the bodies of personnel killed here go from Mortuary Affairs (south end of base) to the flightline (north end of base) along Disney Road (the main road on base) for the flight back home.  The street is lined along both sides for about two miles with soldiers and civilians, saluting as the caskets pass.  Very moving ceremony.  No pictures allowed.  Please pray for the families of these Fallen Ones.  Pass this on if you care to.

Love, R  

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Date Posted -  o7/11/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012