God is showing up...

Earle Fox

There are increasing reports of God showing up to prove His own case among Christians who are willing to give over their lives to the law and grace of God.  I recently saw a video by Bill Johnson, pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California.  Pastor Johnson describes extraordinary interventions by God in the lives of his people.  His reports are supported by ample reliable testimony. 

(See The Supernatural Power of the Transformed Mind by Pastor Bill Johnson. Also two DVDís, 3 Leaves of the Mind - Learning to Live from the Mind of Christ, and The Call - a Baptism of Fire. Website: www.BillJohnsonMinistries.com  and www.Bethel.org .)

This just one current event.  History is littered with such events, many of them, again with ample reliable testimony, including scientific investigation.  It is only our blindness, apathy, and self-centeredness which keeps us from believing, our lack of commitment to honest truth at any cost to ourselves. 

God works in many different ways.  Sometimes through the miraculous, often through the slow, patient work of generations.  Science itself is a work of God.  As is due process in civil law, and political and economic freedom.  Only a faithful Biblical culture can sustain human freedom, justice, and unity among the people.  God works in any way we give Him an opportunity to share His own nature and design for our lives. 

That is a proposition which can be tested daily by any one of us.  Like Job, we must insist on an honest conversation with God about our concerns.  But that means giving Him equal time after we vent.  It is only when the real me meets the real God that anything creative can happen.  That is how revelation happens. 

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